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God said:

Beloveds, you do not have to regret the past. Regret is the same as worry, except it applies to the past. Nor do you need to worry for the future. Nor do you need to worry in the present. There is no need for worry whatsoever. But how engrained the idea of worry has become! Perhaps you have considered it a requirement, a staple, a loyal companion throughout your life that you can’t do without.

I would compare worry to a thorn in your side. It is never out of your mind. The thorn of worry keeps your attention on it. You may call it minor worry. Still, do you really need that thorn or even a sliver of it? You may think that where the thorn comes from is your problem, but it is you who leaves the thorn in your side. It is you who doesn’t take it out. Thorns are to be removed, and so is worry.

Think of what it would be like to live in a worry-free world. Think of how fear would slide off its pedestal. It would no longer be fed, and therefore it wouldn’t stay. It would leave. Think of the time and energy slots that would become available for other matters. What would you fill your life with when worry has gone out the window? And if worry should try to come back and peek in the window, why, you could simply stick out your tongue at it and continue on your merry way. You would know that you owe worry nothing, and you don’t have to let it in.

What would worry take away with it in addition to fear? It would abscond with anxiety, dread, nervousness, depression, and despair. Worry keeps company with a bad crowd.

With worry gone, enter joy, delight, peace, wisdom, and fun. Certainly, worry is no fun.

A worry-free life would keep an even temperature. You wouldn’t need blankets to keep you warm. You wouldn’t need fans to cool you down. With worry gone, you would be even-tempered from now on. Think of what this would mean to the world. The world could settle down. A worry-free world wouldn’t think of all the things it has been thinking of. No one would think of war. No one would think that loss could be possible. Boundaries would be a thing of the past. Without worry, who would even consider the possibility of lack? Abundance would surface. Love would lead the parade.

Let us declare today a Day of No Worries. Hail to freedom from worry. Hail to dancing in the streets and singing in hearts. Hail to celebrations. Hail to the international Day of Peace and Joy to All. Hail to the celebrants. Hail to the balloons. Hail to the one flag of the United World, and long may it wave. Hail to the abolition of worry. Hail to the arrival of four-squared love. Hail to laughter. The wolf is dead. Joy has been declared.

What would it take to make this day today a worry-free one? All it would take is for you to look to the sun. Follow the arc of the sun. Rise to meet it. Be enamored of the sun. Climb it. Ride on it. Hold it like a beach ball in your arms. Bounce it. Make it an ocean. Swim into the center of the ocean sun and know that this is where you belong. This is where your heart is. This is where you live. This is where you succor the world. This is your dance floor. This is where the party of love takes place. This is where no one is kept out. This is Heaven, beloveds. This is where I am. How can you worry when I AM?

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