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Surprise! On Monday, March 30th, after reading on the web speculation that it could go down, my internet went down. After looking for the cause  and then talking to the building manager where I live, I discovered that the whole building lost the web. Calls were placed and a tech was dispatched to fix the problem.  Upon working most of Tuesday to fix the problem, it was discovered that a broken switch was the cause. However, the switch in question had to be ordered and would not be available till Friday. So, I’ve been without a working internet connection since then. I figured that it would be up sometime late on Friday. Imagine my surprise, when turning on my computer early this morning, the web was available, earlier than I expected.

So I’m now reviewing what I missed and will be posting what I feel prompted to on this website.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you think about, ’cause it may just happen! Also, being without the internet can be difficult. However, I did not resort to turning on the TV, since I no longer watch it. On the other hand, my son-in-law suggested that I get an emergency radio, which I probably will.



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    Denise, I have an Emergency Radio, which I used during Hurricane Matthew. Having access to the radio and listening to the progress of the storm as it moved northward along the coast, really helped. If your power is out, you can also write journal entries in a notebook. Pen and paper still work especially if you have hours of waiting before you…

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    • Thanks Eliza for the suggestions. Will be purchasing an Emergency Radio probably today! During these past days and while my laptop still worked I found out which games I have installed work with the internet and which don’t. LOL Also have some Audible books which I listened to which helped. Time passes slowly when there are no distractions.


  2. Good to know you emerged safe and sound out of the darkness, dear Denise ❤

    Looks like someone (in your building) wanted to give you a heads-up of what may happen in the days and weeks ahead.

    These are interesting and peculiar times, to say the least, and we are fortunate to be around.

    Love & much Light ❤ 🙂

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