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God said:

You are such a Golden Child of Mine that it is My desire that you always be honored, made welcome, treated well, treated most graciously, and be given the respect and regard that a Divine Child of Mine is entitled to and must have. There is something in you that must have respect and regard from others. It is unnatural not to have it. Something is off. It doesn’t feel right. It is hard to take.

Alas, the world does not know the worthiness of every single soul. In the world, many do not know this at all. They think that disregard is their right. If it is in their power, they seem to think it is their right, or they may not think at all. It is no secret that, in the world, sometimes some of My brightest lights are treated like throwaway children. Do not feel so bad, my dear ones. Christ and innumerable others have been treated worse. You, at least, are able to walk away from demeaning situations, for, of course, it is true you don’t belong in such situations.

No one should ever treat you shabbily. They have no right to do so. They do so from ignorance. They do not know Who you are. They don’t know Who they are either. They don’t even know what they are doing. They know not what they do. They are not thinking of you. They are not thinking. When people see from a limited vision, they are not thinking. They are not loving. They are coming from a cut-off perspective and so are blinded.

You see, they perceive they have rights of some kind, and their rights somehow got turned into a kind of power, and somehow it becomes all right to be rude, as if rudeness were their dignity. They see their affronting you as sticking up for themselves, as if they have to stick up for themselves and their point of view, and this sticking up becomes urgent, and thus their perception is darkly clouded. Either for sport or for seriousness, they have seen something in you as an affront to them.

Better not to take affront nor give it.

Sometimes it seems to come down to whether you have any rights on the Earth in which you live. Sometimes you feel downright unwelcome, and wonder what you are doing here at all.

This is a shortsighted interpretation I have been giving, beloveds, because this turns you into innocent victim, and others into villain, ignorant villains, but villains nevertheless. It’s a funny thing, how interchangeable the parts are. It’s strange, isn’t it, that those who condemned Christ saw themselves as victims and Christ in the wrong? Christ, of course, was able to think of his persecutors as innocent.

In ordinary life, by and large, when you feel injured and put upon, the one doing the injury is feeling injured and put upon as well and is only trying to get his own back. He is just like you! And you, too often, may be just like him! It is very strange indeed how brother fights brother, each feeling that he has been treated wrongly.

And well you might ask: “Is feeling indignity always ego? It can’t be, God. How can we not feel humiliated when we’ve been humiliated? We’re not all Christ who can overlook being mistreated.”

Here’s the point: Whether it is ego or beyond ego or realism that makes you feel humiliated, the cause and merits are not the issue. No matter how demeaning, no matter how wrong, when you are feeling humiliated, you can’t stay there. The reason and validity of anything are irrelevant. Now you must release yourself from the bonds of humiliation. Now you are responsible for how you feel.

Get out of the dungeon of humiliation, and come to Me now.

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