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God said:

In the old days it was said that you trembled at seeing or hearing Me or even a shadow of Me. It was said that you trembled with awe. I want to be sure that it is not fear that you tremble with. I do not even want you to tremble with awe. Awe seems to signify that I am far away outside you. It seems to signify that I stand high above you, and you are a tiny thing beneath Me. Trembling seems to signify great separation. I do not want you to have trepidation about Me. There is nothing to fear from Me.

There is a great difference between being humble and being in fear. When you are without ego, you are humble. No fear is required.

Yes, have an awareness that there is a Beingness greater than the personality you may accept as yourself. You call this Great Beingness God. Great Beingness also lies within you. Great Beingness knows the power it has. You who hold Great Beingness within you and don’t recognize it, you do not yet know the power that is yours. Therefore, you bolster yourself with ego. If you knew the solidity of Who You Really Are, ego would also be recognized for what it is and recognized as being absurd. Who needs a little rubber sword when He holds the mighty sword of love?

There is a difference between image and shadow. You were made in My image, not My shadow. You are not a trace of Me. You are all of Me. All that I AM, you ARE. All that I have, you have. You know that in Our talk, as I say you and I, that this is a formality. It is I, or for the sake of another formality, it is We. We are One, seemingly broken in little pieces. The Reality is that Oneness cannot be broken, not even in two.

We can say, for convenience, that there is little you and Big Me. Yet there is no little you. There is only Big Me or, if you prefer, Big We. Yet it is hard for you to get past the idea of no barriers. It is easier for you to get past barriers than no barrier at all.

Relative life is split in two. It is as if We were separate. Relative life is all an As If. It is as if there is the material. It is as if there is heartbreak. It is as if there are disputes. It is as if there are crimes. It is as if there are lesser emotions. It is as if there is war. Life in the world has been a play filled with drama as if love had exited the stage.

Beloveds, there is One Love, and it is Mine, or We can say it is Ours. What shall We do today with all this Oneness of Love. How shall We exchange it on the market. Or shall We give it away the way We have scattered seeds on Earth. Shall We not be profligates of love, sharecroppers of love, masters of love? Shall We not be fluent in love?

Is there another language We should speak than love?

Shall We not become stirrers of love? Shall We not stir love like hot cocoa?

What shall We do with Our engagement in the world? What makes life worthwhile? What is lasting? What brings Earth closer to Heaven? What fills the heart? What do We want to do in this little time on Earth?

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