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God said:

Life is a soap opera. What a flair for drama My children have. Life in the world is a whole canvas.

Tragedies range from great drama to a collar shrunk in the dryer. Or a lost pen or a lost letter. A tragedy can be anything you say it is. And one tragedy makes room for another. There is a parade of tragedies that then recede.

Many of My children do indeed seem to prefer theater to peace. This is a choice. It is like this:

When Jack and Jill fell down the hill, there was a momentum, and they fell and tumbled until they hit the bottom of the hill unless it happened that they caught the trunk of a tree to break their fall.

We could say that drama in your life has a momentum that keeps you rolling down this hill of drama. Even at the bottom of the hill, you find more drama, a boo-boo, or perhaps a hidden treasure. Without the fall, how would you have found the treasure!

Why is falling down a hill so compelling? Why are you caught up in drama?

One reason could be that you are more interested in What Is Happening than in anything else. You may well be caught up in What’s Going On than you are interested in Being. Being is the basis. Happening is what transpires on the surface. On the surface is where drama lies. The surface is where races are run that you can place a bet on and sometimes win. Being is solid, firm, supporting all the activity and possible outcomes. Being is a sure thing even when you forget about it.

In one sense, your daily life is filled with drama, from getting stopped at a red light when you are a in a big hurry to running a red light or getting a flat tire or not finding your keys or your wallet. Drama, drama, drama.

Being can be relied on. Being is behind the scenes.

In the world, the front lines and headlines steal the show. Nowhere have I spotted a headline that says: “You Are Being.”

Nowhere have I heard Hollywood say that Being is the star of all movies. Nowhere has there been a Being Fan Club. Where are the cheers for Being? Hip hip hooray, Being!

Being is taken for granted. Of course, it can be! It is always with you. Being doesn’t blow a horn. It doesn’t make a big to-do. Being is not dramatic. Being can be relied on. It is the basis, and it is always steady. How much steadiness do you want in a novel you write?

As you aspire to drama, you also aspire to miracles. You want them. You want them badly. Being is everyday, and it is its own miracle, yet Being doesn’t show off. Being is the field of all possibilities, and yet the possibilities intrigue you more than the fount from which the possibilities come.

Such is daily life. The temporary assumes great importance while Being is left to fend for itself.

You want to have something exciting to tell your neighbor about. And you want your neighbor to tell you all her news!

You don’t desire daily trials – or do you? You do want something to tell. Your eyes are on people and news and headlines.

And that’s how it is.

It is not quite so interesting for you to look within. Yes, you would rather explore outside yourself than within. You would rather move than sit still. This is human life, beloveds. This is what you came to Earth for. And that’s okay. It’s perfectly okay.

It’s also okay to think of where you come from and where you are going and to stop and to wonder and to love all the other human beings who shoulder life in the world with you. Hallow-ed be you.

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