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God said:

What are miracles but Truth revealed? You have hidden Truth from yourself, and when you stumble over it, you are surprised and delighted. Why, dreams do come true. Wonders abound. The sun rises, stars sparkle, and life spills itself at your feet. There is no event that is not a miracle. What a choreography the world is. What a remarkable series of events! What a crescendo. Exquisitely the universe revolves.

The orchestra takes its place. Each musician plays his own music, and yet the conductor conducts. Everything is in place, even that which seems out of place. Fitting or not, it fits. It fits in. It is there. The world is not topsy-turvy. Your head may be upside down.

Love surprises you. Time and time again, it surprises you. You trip over it. You were not looking. You were not seeing. Love has been dancing before you, and there is somewhere else your eyes have been. There is something else you have been imagining.

Now, war even is a miracle, an amazing conglomeration, set in the midst of love. That My children, bred to love, born to peace, should squabble — and then call swordplay valorous, is that not a miracle?

Yet even in the midst of war, love is a solider in front. Love wends its way. On the battlefield, love can be found. Smoldering among the rubble, love can be found. Great love can be found. It is in great contrast, and yet it is not black and white. You are immersed in love, and yet you deny it.

The miracle is love, and yet it is the everyday bread of life. Love may be crusty on the outside. Inside it is soft. Love that is shared can never go stale. Break off some love today. It will not crumble. It will keep rising. Love is the yeast of the universe.

It is also its backbone.

A perfect synchronization of love has come for you today. Love comes like traffic, from all directions, meeting yet not colliding. There is no form in which love does not come. It comes like trucks and cars in moving traffic. One example of love moves on, and another seamlessly take its place. Love drives itself. It is the driver, the moving car, and the rider in the car, and the onlookers as well.

Love is the most practical thing in the world. Where did the idea come from that love is impractical and, in certain circumstances, needs to be set aside or dispensed with altogether? Why swim upstream, beloveds?

Let love become the theme of your life. Do you really think there is another solution? Not love sentimental, not love hammed up, but simple unadorned love, being itself, no trappings, no ruffles nor tassels, just simple love being itself wherever it goes.

Let schools be schools of love where everyone is welcomed, and everyone is honored. Is this not possible? Perhaps you say this is not real life when everyone feels love and love goes back and forth before your very eyes. This is real life, beloveds. All the rest is ballyhoo.

The only comfort that exists is love. Nothing else will do. A mountain of candy will not do. All the applause in the world will not do. Only love will do. There is no stand-in for love. Only love loves.

Where you know love, you are knowing Me. You know Me by many names, yet they all mean love. Gratitude is your realization of love received. Generosity is your recognition of love to give. Peace is the chair of love that you sit on with your feet up. Come to love, beloveds. Come to the heart of love. Let love spill over and be at everyone’s feet. Let love be.

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