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God said:

What holds you back from anything, beloveds? Some timidity, some desire to hover, some reluctance to go forth? You may give all kinds of reasons why you can’t do something, yet you, an unlimited Being, now are to surpass reasons given. When you really come down to it, reasons for your not following your deepest heart are excuses, dear ones.

I am speaking of what your heart really wants to do. If you are in a job that you are not happy with, and you stay and you stay and convince yourself that you can’t seek new work because of the economy and so forth, you are making an excuse. Perhaps you would rather stay than look for new work.

I do not say you have to look for a new job. I do not say you have to find a new job. I say you have a choice, and when you make a choice to do nothing, don’t say you have no say. You have all the say in the world. It is you who has been the naysayer.

When you desire to give more love, give it. Remind yourself that boundaries you hold onto exist only because you hold on to them. The boundaries are in your mind. You may object to that. You may say that it is absurd to say that boundaries exist only in your mind. You may say that, if you are chained somewhere, how can you go where you want? If you have no money for gas, how do you drive your car? If you do not feel loving, how can you give love?

Do not forget the power of the mind. Do not forget the power of your mind. Again, beloveds, I exhort you to think of what you want and forego reasons why you can’t. Do you see how when you point out obstacles, you tie your own hands?

Obstacles are meant to stretch you, not contract you.

A rose does not think about all the reasons why it might not bloom. It doesn’t think about frost or someone stepping on it. It doesn’t think about not having a chance. A rose simply blooms.

You are as mighty as a rose.

If you are a prisoner in a cell, it’s true you can’t walk across the street now. Yet by your thoughts you can rise above the cell you dwell in. Keep your thoughts and your dreams strong. That way there is no telling what can transpire. When you negate the possibility of your own fortune, why, you tear it down.

How many times ahead of time have you heard people say: “That won’t work. That’s no good.” Perhaps you even have said such things yourself. And every time you acclaim the negative, you throw away the key that would unlock you from the past.

Tell Me that you understand what I am saying. If you think I am being ridiculous, then consider that I ask you to be ridiculous too. Of course, in truth, it is not ridiculous to break boundaries. And so I say again, boundaries exist in your mind.

It is your mind that really seeks your fortune. It is not your body, beloveds. Your body serves the mind. Your body may go here and there, and not here and not there, and it is your mind that says Yes or No, or Not Now or Later. Certainly, beloveds, you play a role in your life. You are not only a passive recipient.

Place your orders in life. Do not stint on what you choose. There is a full menu for you to choose from. You have everything to choose from. Choose.

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