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God said:

You are an impressionist. You live by impressions. A glance tells you this. A sound tells you that. And you take your impressions and call them truth. They certainly are true for you at the time.

You turn your head, and you see another view, and you have another impression. The impressions that virtually rule you, that you go by, can change. They do change. And they can go deeper. At first glance, you have one impression. At second glance, you have another. Go further and further, and you will come to the deepest level of all, the level from which there is no swerving. This is the level at which all the surface impressions are put aside. And what do you have left then but indiscriminating love? Love is the impression you want to leave with and to keep. This is the impression from which you came, beloveds.

Upset, disturbance, peeve, self-righteousness, outright anger, displeasure, etc. leave when love lifts its lovely head and you see the Truth of Love, which is the truth of yourself and of all others. All others. ALL others.

Beloveds, when all is said and done, when all the attachment and skirmish are no more, then love in all its royal colors comes to the fore. When love is unfettered, love rises to its own natural state. Love becomes your motivation. Other lesser spurs to your life fade, and love rises to its natural height, and you love, and you know that love is your natural state, and you would not trade it for all the gold in the world. You would not trade it for anything.

When you truly know the love you are, you will no longer spend your time on anything less. Whatever you do, it will be with love. You who are love will know love, and you will be love high on a mountaintop. How small everything else looks to you now! Once whatever occurred was major, and now you know that only one thing matters, and that is love, and that means your love.

You can’t hold anyone responsible for your love. You can only hold yourself responsible.

The time will come when you no longer have to dig for love. You will no longer have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Beloveds, you will float on love. You will know that love buoys you and that you have infinite love to give. Even when those around you do not yet know the love they are and are Godbound to give, you will know you are to give.

By your love, you will transform others’ ignorance into innocence. You will be able to give infinite love because you will have rid yourself of all the lesser stuff. It’s like love is the boat you row. You are rowing the love boat now. There is no other boat for you to row. What else are you supposed to do? Love is the only thing left for you to do, and it is the first thing you do.

When you perceive deeply, where could anger or snippiness possibly come from? When you see matters as they are, and not as the world seems to think they are, you can only come from love. You will no longer think about what someone else ought to do. You will not even think, because wisdom comes not from thinking, but from your heart. And your heart bared, your heart carrying only love, will uplift everyone with your love, your simple love through the eyes of which you see the world and all those who stand before you.

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