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God said:

I am not a jealous God. I am a God of love, and love shares. Love knows not of jealousy. But I guard you zealously from diminishing yourself before any man. I zealously guard your well-being. I oversee your soul.

Now, who am I, this God Who watches over you? Am I yourself, or am I someone else? Am I outside you and above you and far away from you, or am I intimately within you, or am I all of those every which way? I say that We are One. Well, if We are One, you say, how can there be two, a Thou and an I?

Consider this, for the sake of argument, you are a branch of Me. I am the Tree, and you bud and grow from the Tree. You are not separate from the Tree. You have the wholeness of the Tree, so you are the Tree, but you are not the Tree altogether.

Unlike its limbs, the Tree does not go off on tangents. The Tree does not get lost in its own leaves. The Tree does not speculate.

The Tree’s roots grow deep, and the Tree knows everything whereas the branches don’t know what they know. The sap of the Tree runs through the branches, but the branches got caught in the brambles around them. They get caught in the wind and the rain, and they look up at the Sun and the other wonders of the world.

You cannot say that a branch lopped off the Tree is the Tree. It is from the Tree. It grew from the Tree, and yet a branch separated is not the same as the Tree.

But what if a branch cannot be separated? It cannot fall off. What if it is only mirage when the branch thinks it is away from the Tree?

Are the Tree and its branches yet One Tree? The Tree knows its branches, but the branches don’t always know its Tree.

I am the Tree of thee.

But let Us not get caught in semantics. Truth doesn’t get caught in anything. And Truth knows no argument.

But you, as a wandering Human being, want Our relatedness at the same time as you want to wander off. You want Me to exist in you, and I do irrevocably — and you cannot wander off without Me — all of that is so. And you like that, to a degree.

Furthermore, you want to be Me. You would like to be Me, although you don’t really know what that means. You would like the say in the world, but you know you aren’t wise enough to take over the reins even if you could. You, as you seem to be in the world, cannot take on My cloak.

So what is going on? How many of Me are there if there is only One? And where are you?

Here’s the thing: it is you who doesn’t really exist. Your individuality is the mirage. There is no you. There is only I. You are the far-flung thought, not I.

Yet you cannot proclaim to the world that you are God, for what pomposity is that? Who would believe it? You don’t believe it. And you, that individual self-proclaimed self, cannot make the Sun to shine and so on.

Let go even of your hold on Me. I, Oneness, talk as though I am Another. But would you have Me be quiet? Would you silence Me. Would you have Me listen only to your individuated thoughts? Or would you listen to your Wholeness which is what you hear when I speak?

Let it be Our game. Let Us play Our roles. Yes, it is all I anyway, and if you could grasp, it is all you all the same. But meanwhile We engage in conversation. We roll over Our thoughts.

The time will come when you are fully aware of Our Oneness, and even then We will play.

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