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God said:

Good morning, class. Here is what We will participate in today. It is called happiness. I make this request of you to be happy and honor Me. You, who art My happiness, take happiness for yourself. Get used to it. Walk on this line that is called Happiness. It is for you. This is what I ask of you today. Be happy. This is more than being without cares, yet, also, be without cares regardless of what cares you perceive. Be carefree.

Carefree doesn’t mean careless. Be caring and carefree. Remind yourself that you are the Light of God. Remind yourself that God’s Light deserves happiness. And happiness is free for the asking.

What does it take to make you happy? First of all, don’t be unhappy. Second of all, don’t look for reasons for sorrow or dissatisfaction. You are alive in a brand-new world. You don’t have to be happy for a reason. Be happy because you exist and are My Child. Be My Child of Happiness. This is what I ask of you today.

Happiness is Being, of course, not doing. Be for Me and not so much for yourself. Be happy on My Behalf because happiness is the true state of affairs. All the rest is pasted on, even as you think all the rest is something serious going on. How serious can illusion be unless you say so?

Furthermore, I will tell you that you can be happy even in the midst of sorrow. Under the troubles you take for granted runs a pure stream of love. You ride on love, or you wade in love, effortless wading without any resistance to the pure stream that runs through you, beloved. Allow this pure stream of joy to be. This pure stream is beyond incidents that happen, those you consider favorable as well as those you consider unfavorable. Have an idea that there is no unfavorable. Now, that is a novel idea.

Whatever seems to assail you is not against you. You seem to be against that which you are convinced has assailed you. You are under My protection, yet this does not mean what you think it means in terms of the worldly world. You have words for things that you meet more than halfway, such as hardship, adversity, woe, trouble, heartache. These are your concepts. You decided them.

Within you, there is a little mechanism that you wind up. This little mechanism sets off an alarm that says: “Trouble identified.”

This alarm may go so far as to say: “Worst possible scenario.” This alarm is ever alert.

At the same time, you have available to you another mechanism that I would like you to use. This mechanism says:

“Smooth sailing ahead. The sun is out. The clouds are clear. Skies are blue.”

Further, this mechanism will say:

“Skies can look gray, and still life is okay.”

Beloveds, you are not dependent upon the weather for your happiness. You are not designed to be an automaton. You are designed to be a free-wheeling Star of the Universe. You are a Star of the Universe. I made you to shine light on the world. Light up the Universe then. Light it up with your Heart of Happiness.

Today is your day to make, beloved of My Heart. Have you been waiting for Me to make your day? Whatever the circumstances, leap above them which is another way to say:

“Dive deeply into the Pool of Love that you truly swim in, and keep your heart here with Me where the swimming is easy.”

Press the right button. Leave the dully predictive button alone. Press the rarer button that aligns your heart with the Sun, Moon, and Stars and opens the Universe wide for you.

Within you is the Universe. This is where it is. You are a reflector of the Universe, and the Universe also contains you. Reciprocal are you and the Universe. In this case, then, give cheer to the Universe. Resemble cheer. Be a cheerleader of the Universe. Inspire it. Motivate it. Live in the world and above the world. Go deeper, and acknowledge Heaven.

All this other is the dream.

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