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God said:

The way to get what you want is by appreciating what you have. If you want greater financial independence, then be grateful for the means at your disposal now. If you want greater love in your life, value the love that is in your life now. If you want greater health, support the health you have now. The way to plenty is to endorse the plenty you have now. Be grateful now. It’s obvious, isn’t it. If you want greater miracles, be grateful for the smaller miracles you have now.

When you think of what you don’t have, you support lack. Why, you may have kept thinking about what you want with an emphasis on your despair about what you don’t yet have.

Your wishes may be crying out about how much you are missing. It is good to desire. Desire all you like. Picture all that you desire, and start from where you are. You are not at the bottom of the heap. If you feel you are at the bottom of the heap, how are such feelings going to help you rise?

If you have a beat-up old car, be glad that it takes you where you want to go. You have wheels. You have tires to kick. Be glad for what you have. No more emphasizing what you don’t have.

If you have no car, be grateful for the buses you catch, the legs you walk on and places to go to. If you have to stay home, be glad to stay home.

If you look in a candy store window and see the beautiful sweet confections and want them, you don’t think: “Uh, the awful candy I’ve had in my life. Not good at all. I have been denied the sweetness of really delicious candy. I am only allowed to look at it through the window but not taste it. Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride.” No, you desire what you desire and are happy to desire it.

Well, Beloveds, if you keep affirming what you don’t have, what are you going to have but more of not having what you don’t have. You are saying: “Alas, I don’t have. I can’t have. I won’t have.” That is what you may be broadcasting to the Universe. Think.

Begin by giving thanks for what you do have right now. This works. This works to your benefit. This works better than a listing of a hundred thousand unfulfilled wishes. You are worth all you desire. I am telling you how to bring your desires to you.

Watch your thoughts and how you say them. The way you are thinking points to what you will bring to you. You may have been creating more of what you don’t have. Turn something around. No more plaints.

When you want more flowers in your garden, appreciate the ones you have, and they will blossom.

You are not a helpless waif who must wait for goodness to come to you. Goodness has already come to you. Why would more goodness go out of its way to come to you when you may kick aside what you already have? Value what you have, and more value will be added unto you. Happily, more of what you desire will rush to your side. More of what you desire will be clamoring to stake itself with you, for it is clear that you are already a good investment.

When you smile first, more and more smiles will come to you. When you frown, more and more frowns will come to you. When you love first, more and more love will come to you. When you appreciate, more cause for appreciation will come to you.

This is simple. You catch more bees with honey.

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