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God said:

When you look upward, you alter your physiology. Everything within you realigns. When you look upward, you step out of the limited directions of the plane of Earth. In daily life, you face north, south, east, or west. The preponderance of time on Earth is spent with your nose even with the terrain or aimed to the ground where your feet trod. But you are more than earthly. And there is more for you to look at and more for you to know. Look up in the direction called Heaven, and you will refresh your weary mind and lighten your heart. Your earthly life will become simpler. Looking Heavenward rejuvenates.

When you look around on Earth, there is so much to look at. House after house. Tree after tree. Cars and trucks. A myriad of people. Looking around you calls your attention to objects that remind you of boundaries of one sort or another. You feel obligations on Earth. Sense of obligation is a boundary that is limited to Earth. A sense of obligation does not exist in the higher realms where there is joy and therefore no perceived need for indebtedness.

But when you look skyward, you are reminded of expanse. When you look up, you begin to merge with the vastness of boundlessness. Even when you are in a small room with a ceiling overhead and you look up, there is a sense of an extent far beyond the ceiling. In effect, there is no ceiling.

When you look up, you are less tied to Earth. You are more innocent. Perhaps some of the innocence of children comes from their having to look up most of the time to one degree or another.

Eyes are meant to look up. When looking up improves your physical eye sight, what must it do then to your deeper vision?

When you lie on your back in a field and chew on a straw, you are looking up. You are in more of a position of trust when you look up. Inner barriers to trust leave when you look up. You become more versatile.

When it is raining, and you turn your face upward to feel the rain on your face, you feel refreshed. With or without rain, your face turned Heavenward will be bathed in greater awareness. You bring in more Godlight. Your cells will welcome it.

There are many diverse physical exercises performed on Earth. On Earth, it is good to move muscles in different ways. Muscles are there for a purpose and yearn to be moved. Your eyes have muscles. Use them. Looking up is a physical gesture, but it gravitates you toward a higher dimension. Add looking Heavenward to your repertoire.

In any case, looking up is a break from the routine of daily life. Invest in Heaven breaks. Some things on Earth are still free.

When you look up, you rely less on your individual talent and align yourself more with the power of Heaven. We can say that looking Heavenward is a silent prayer. Your looking upward helps you sense My looking into your eyes. I look into your eyes now. As it were, I paint Golden Light on your eyes, and you absorb it. This Golden Light radiates through your body and illuminates your heart. It enters your bloodstream. It brightens every cell in your body. It lightens the room you are in.

All this because you looked Heavenward and had a glimpse of the Light of My Love permeating you no less than the rays of the sun.

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