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God said:

It is in My heart to ask you to remember that the sun is always shining somewhere. Even when the light of day is out of the range of your vision, you know very well that the sun will soon appear on the horizon right before your eyes.
If I am the Painter, I paint a beautiful dawn for you every day. You will see the striations in the sky before the sunlight bursts forth. Since the Creation of Time, there is no morning that skipped a sunrise. In this in the relative world, there is a consistency you can count on. Whatever tangle you may be in the midst of, there is a break from it. The sun dawns. Let the sun dawn in you now.
Let the sun rise within you now. It is inevitable that the sun will burst forth. Never mind the darkness, beloveds. The darkness really has nothing to do with you. Do not think that the sun is a passing thing. It is the darkness that is temporary, not the sun. The sun has a wide-angled lens, and you are always in the sun’s view.
It is you and the spirit of you that is ever risen. There is no setting sun. You are light, and you are ever-dawning on yourself.
You are the subject of everything you learn. It is yourself you come to know. It is you who baffles yourself. It is for you to shed light on yourself. You will be surprised at your courage and your wisdom. You already know far more than you credit yourself with. You are not the country bumpkin you so often think you are.
Furthermore, I am going to tell you that you have never failed once. No one fails at being a human being! From your first cry at birth, you have been an expert. It is not human being that you are investigating and learning. Not at all, it is a higher wisdom you are learning or relearning or rehearsing, and that is your soul’s path.
When all does not seem right with the world, it is you who has diverted. You are the discoverer, the discovered, and the path of discovery. You are the whole curriculum.
Do not think that I have ever made you suffer. I know you have suffered. Yet it is you who chose suffering. Never think that it was meted out to you. You chose one interpretation over another. Choose now. Let your suffering days be over.
Never were you intended to be a victim nor an assailant. You are intended to be a hero of this fragmentary portion of life on Earth. Do you really think you came to Earth to suffer?
The choice is up to you. Yes, you have that option. What you choose is up to you. What you stay with is up to you. I say you are to go ever forward and upward. You are the chooser of the life you live. Choose a life you like and further the extent of the light you shine.
Life on Earth does not have to be so serious as you have been making it. You think something is at stake. Your happiness is at stake by your own choice, and often you choose the road most traveled. No longer rest on suffering as if you are safe there from more suffering. Turn upside down the basket of suffering you stayed in. Now you walk on your own two feet, and you follow Me to Heaven. Yes, come with Me. Right here.

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