You Are a Star | Heavenletters

God said:

Life is a diving-board you jump from. You climb, you dive, you swim, you climb and dive again. In and out goes life. You are always on the verge, beloveds, and then you jump again and again. It requires much trust, doesn’t it? As much as you want to hold tight, that much must you let go.

You cannot stay poised on the diving board your life long. You have to jump, or you will be pushed or simply fall anyway. Life just won’t let you stand there. It won’t let you be indecisive forever. Come, jump into the waters of life. Whatever the temperature, the water is fine. I invite you to swim with Me. These are My waters you dive into. Be not afraid.

Deep are the layers of existence. There are levels within levels, and you dive through them all, and you come up through them all. Throughout your life, you are simply finding out what you already know.

Life is not meant to be harrowing. It is not meant to be a roller coaster ride. It is not meant to scare you. Scared or not, however, you must go meet it. You must go right up to it and introduce yourself. Shake life’s hand, and go with it where it takes you. There is no way for you to consciously know from one minute to the next where life in the world is leading you. You can know, in its depths, that it is leading you to Me.

All that happens in between is a surprise to you. Even when you anticipated it, when it comes, it comes as a surprise. Even when something has happened, you don’t really know what has happened. You speculate. It is life that happens, beloveds.

You cannot get ahead of life, yet you are always moving forward. Catch your breath now, beloveds.

Breathe a deep sigh of relief that your life in the world is ever-beginning, that it is not established, settled, roped, but rather wide-open. Life is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, love life to its fullest. Do not stint with life. There is always more where that came from. Spend your life. Be a spendthrift of life. You have a million more coupons in the bank. Knowing fully that your life is eternal, lead life as the magnificent creation it is.

You are part of life! You have been chosen for this part in the play. No one else can play the part you are playing. And you play it without having had a chance to read your lines. You ad lib as you go along. You take cues from other players, but mostly from yourself. You juggle yourself and hit on the right posture and performance. You are a star. You give a remarkable performance.

Beloveds, what a play you are in! And what a stage it is on. And how well you play your part. You are exquisite. You are the perfect you.

Sometimes you cannot believe that you chose your role. Certainly it seems like it was foisted on you. It was chosen for you, and yet you chose it. By your acceptance, you chose. You stepped up when your name was called, and, like Me, you said: “I am here.”

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