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God said:

You are My troops of generosity, mercy, kindness, joy. No one needs to be less than generous, merciful, kind and joyful. If you are uncertain as to what your particular purpose in life is, you already know what your general purpose is. In whatever arena you find yourself in in life, you have your assignment.

Anyone can be bright light. Someone will be. Let it be you.

As you welcome in a sweeter world, you will go past the rules of the past. Has there been some unwritten rule that you are to be stern? Perhaps you thought that teaching a better way of life meant following past dictates, which made you an instructor, not a giver, an instructor who himself didn’t learn except to prove that the old dictates were correct.

Beloved, you are a person who moves in God’s world. Did I not create the foundation of it? I created man and all the ingredients of the world, and I created you. I did not tell you to agonize. I did not tell you to make rifts, great or small. I told you to populate the world and multiply that which I created, not to multiply and exaggerate disturbance. Disturbance was not My blessing. I did not say, “Go, and be disturbed.”

I set you out to seek your fortune with a knapsack on your back. It was filled with the nourishment of love. I did not fill it with cookies of despair or indignation. I, the Creator, I do not know how to create despair and all that. That is beyond My ken, but, apparently not beyond yours.

Now is time for you to turn over a new leaf. Now is time for you to get up on the right side of the bed. Now is time for you to leap up in joy and in nothing less. Let your thoughts sweep over the world in love today. Banish no one from your heart. Allow love to reign. Love is the tune My troops march to, and you are My troops.

Let go of pettiness, beloveds, and you will not be petty. Welcome joy, and you will be a giver of it. You will be an announcer of peace and joy. You will carry a flag of love. There will be no banners that say anything but love and peace. You will carry a pleasant expression on your face. No more grouchiness. Good nature alone will rule. That will be Heaven on Earth.

Beloveds, have you not sampled enough of that which you do not regard holy? Have you not had enough of that which pulls you down?

What do you find nice about disputes? Do you really think that anger fosters understanding and that you must house anger and all its assemblage? What can there be about hostility that you like? Why would you keep it in your heart for even one minute when there are such lovely things you could be keeping there? Perhaps you think divisiveness is your right and privilege. It is your choice but no one’s privilege.

Do you think retribution is right? It must have been a Human Being who wrote: “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord,” for I would say no such thing. I would say: “Love Is Mine, and love is yours, and love is what I give, and love is what I want you to give.”

Further, I would tell you to stop seeking to fill your pockets with love. I would tell you that they are not empty but full, and I would tell you that you are to scatter love on the streets so that everyone on Earth will know love. Mark My word, it will become common knowledge and common experience that love is, and I am Love, and you are too

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