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God said:

Precious children, do not be hard on one another. You are, you know. Be benevolent, and be kind even when others are not. Others are not to set an example of Me. You are to set an example of Me. See wider, see further, and you will not be caught in illusion of smallness. You will be swept up in greatness.

Be not a reactor. Be a dissolver. When tension comes your way, do not put your back up against it. Evaporate it. Tension, if you have it, is yours. Whatever may have stirred it, nothing causes tension in you but you. And it is you who can release it. Give it to Me, your tension, unless you want to keep it for rigidity’s sake. There is no other reason for you to keep it. Dissolving your tension is not dissolving you. It is finding you.

Tension does not locate you. It dislocates you. It cuts you off from yourself. With tension, you have internalized what is external to you.

I am teaching you how to take a vacation in the midst of your life. You do not need a beach or a mountain cabin. You need to vacate the props that hold you in place. What ideas do you hold on to that tell you that you must be tense?

Tension is control. What is it you have to control? How the world treats you? I am afraid you cannot. How you treat the world? That is another thing, but let that come not from control but from ease. Nothing can demolish your heart of being, and yet you fend off every nuance of everything.

What if you were a mighty giant? What would you do differently in your life? Consider yourself a mighty giant, and live your life accordingly, for that is truth. You are not a puny helpless tossed-by-the-winds thing. You are a giant who moves the winds.

How tall will you carry yourself when you know you are a giant? How tender and kind you will be. All power is yours, and you will make gentleness yours as well, for who will if a great being does not?

Remember that it is My boat you sail. I steer it. You are tokenly at the helm. I steer the boat. Your hands are on the helm, and sometimes you think you steer it. But do not take the wheel out of My hands. Give the sailing of the ship over to Me, and you will not have tension. Tension comes from trying to take the wheel out of My hands.

You float on the water because I hold you there. I am the only One who has to hold. You have to let go. You have to unloose your hold on life. Taking life by the neck is futile anyway.

Let life unfold.

Welcome it.

Do not interpret it.

Even a storm can be a blessing on the sea of life.

Let even a storm be awash over you.

Anything that takes away your illusions is a help to you. Do not hinder it.

You can push against the storm, and that is your ego. Or you can accept it for what it is without recrimination, and that is My Will. Ride the storms, My dear children.

No storm touches you.

However much it may shake you up, you come out of the storm as My child just as you entered My child. Storms do not change you. They merely take you closer to Me which is the same as away from illusion.

Storms clear away the past.

The past needs to be cleared away.

Do not accumulate the past, and it will not need to be cleared.

Live in the moment, and there are no storms.

When you live in the famous moment, you are with Me, and what little storm on earth can affect Me?

Remember that you are not your emotions, and your emotions are not you. Emotions are learned things, something of the past held on to instead of being allowed to go. Release, release.

What you release was never yours.

Tension does not belong to you.

Ease belongs to you.

Accept what is yours, and no longer hold on to what is not.

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