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God said:

Beloveds, how many times have I suggested that you let go of the past? I don’t mean to nag at you, but isn’t it time? You may nod your head and agree with Me, and yet you may still be one of the many who hangs onto the past for dear life and for ideas you have long held, ideas you do not want broken.

I am not telling you not to have memories or not have any cherished ideas. You are going to have them. I am talking about when you resist accepting a new thought. This is not to say that you must accept every new thought. Of course, you don’t. But some? Can you trade in some old thoughts for new?

I am speaking in particular of new thoughts concerning yourself. When I say, “Get out of the past,” you may nod your head vigorously, and then you hold on to past ideas of happiness or unhappiness as if you couldn’t move on in life.

Unfreeze yourself from the past, beloveds.

When your present circumstances leave you lonely or unfulfilled, this is not the signal to hark back to the past which is over. This is the signal to move forward, not back. Time to stop looking over the back fence.

For many, you may feel your life is incomplete without a mate. You may have the idea that you have to have a husband or wife in order to be happy. Must your happiness depend upon someone else? Must it?

Are you saying No to life? Are you perhaps insisting that you already know everything about life and what it is supposed to be for you?

There is a tendency, often in your moments of lostness, to be adamant in closing yourself to a field of possibilities. If someone suggests that you can be happy where you are, or someone suggests you will be happy when you move to Alaska or the tropics, you are adamant that they don’t know what they are talking about. Beloveds, let in the possibility that you don’t know what you are talking about. Truly, beloveds, there is no need to mark yourself in stone.

You are not what you once were. You may never have been what you thought you once were. And yet you may hang on to illusions that do not hold you in good stead. You may hold on stubbornly. If you think you know everything and you cannot or will not let in other suggestions unless they already agree with your own, when no one else knows what he or she is talking about, and you are strong that you are the only one who knows or who could possibly know, then you may be stubborn and choosing to stay in a lost place. It would seem that you do not want to move over one inch. Feeling unsettled where you are, you nevertheless fight off any suggestions tooth and nail. In fact, the more listening would serve you, the more resistant you seem to be listening and the more tightly you hold on to what has not brought you happiness.

You are saying, “No, no, no.” Perhaps you are saying no when you would do better to say, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Listening doesn’t have to mean accepting, you understand, and, yet, you want to be open to what presents itself to you. Perhaps I have sent you a messenger, or two or three, and you refuse to hear what they have to say. You may only want to hear what your mind has already enshrined.

Your reluctance shows vulnerability, beloveds. Inflexibility is not a sign of strength. The willow is strong because it can bend.

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