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God said:

When life doesn’t turn out the way you wanted and thought it would, then it is incumbent for you to go along the new path, even when you don’t know where it is taking you.

Here is your test of letting go, letting go of the dreams you held, letting go of the change in the course of the river of life, the change that presents itself to you now. Many are finding this now.

One way or another, your anchors are being loosed from their joists, and you feel adrift. Well, you are adrift. You have been set loose, and now you are in a different direction, even when you don’t know what the direction is. You may feel directionless, but, know this, you are not rudderless, and your connection to Me is infallible and infinite. Dear Ones, it feels that you are adrift. Everything points to your being adrift.

Perhaps you are Baby Moses in his little craft in the bulrushes, and, yet, like Moses, you wind up on the right shore.

And wherever you are now, no matter how vague it may seem to you, you are in the right place. If you are at a juncture, you are at the right juncture. You are taking a dive into life. It feels like you are without a life raft. It certainly feels that you have nothing to hold onto. That is not a bad thing, beloveds, letting go of the railings you have held onto. Your fingers are being unwrapped from the railings. You are being set free. This is the way to look at your situation now. You are being set free. The old ties have been untied, and you are stepping out of the past. You may not be stepping out delicately. This may feel like the roughest voyage you have ever been on, yet you are going to be lapped up on the shore through big waves of progress.

You have been told enough that you can’t stay the same. You can’t go back. Everything seems changed now. Your bearings are a-thwack, and you feel timid. You are like a bird who has been thrown from his nest. Let Us be honest. The old nest was not all it was cracked up to be. You outgrew it. You outgrew it before you knew it, or, perhaps, you already knew it for a long time.

You don’t know how to steer through what you see as shoals right now. You think you are in murky waters as you start out on a great adventure. This new adventure may be the greatest adventure of your life, and it is going to lead to new adventures and more new adventures. You are going to be an excellent helmsman of a raft without a helm. Do you understand Me? Life is going to spin you around in the waters, a kind of Blind Man’s Bluff. Yet when you open your eyes, you will find yourself in great delight. You made safe passage to a new shore. Step out of your little boat or raft. Let go of the little twigs you have been holding onto, and walk on this new shore. See how good you feel. See where you step off from now. See where you were being led to all the while you feared you were adrift. You have landed in Paradise. Life has been good to you. You were not adrift. It seemed so, yet what seems is not necessarily so.

Welcome to a new shoreline.

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