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God said:

Simple. Basics. There is something charming about writing with a stick in the sand. Sound effects are not needed. Fireworks are not needed. A noisy world isn’t better than a quiet one. Meaning is important. Visual effects are not. Music doesn’t have to surround everything. Simple silence is also good.
Life itself is not to distract you from the meaning of life. Diversion is not the meaning of life. To get your mind off something is not the meaning of life.
Life isn’t something to just get through. Consider life a canoe ride that you paddle. You don’t want to miss it. Life is what you are here for. Life in the world is an avenue of life. It is not a race you run. It is not an extravaganza. Life is not meant to be a gilded lily.
How much glitter and periphery can clutter your mind in one day or one year? Try a day of life without distracting your mind. If you must listen to something, tune in to Me. Try consolidating yourself instead of separating yourself here, there, and everywhere.
Your life is not to be canned. It is to be live! Alive from within and not quite so much from without. Focus on whatever is yours to focus on and not so much on distraction. Seek peace and quiet more and distraction less.
When you walk your dog, pay attention to walking your dog and not ear phones.
When you eat, eat rather than watch television. Digest your food rather than diverting your mind.
Perhaps too much is getting in your way of simply living life. Too much may indeed be coming in on you.
Eat simply. Live simply. Easy does it. Take time to be simply and amply with yourself. Silence is more powerful than noise. When you listen to music, listen to music. One thing at a time. Pay attention to what is a habit and pay attention to what is unifying you. When you drive your car, drive your car. When you are with a loved one, focus on your loved one and not your texting. When the phone rings, you don’t have to answer it. Your life does not have to have so many interruptions.
Whatever you are doing, be aware of what you are doing and one thing alone. Don’t splinter your attention so much. You have one mind. One thing at a time.
One, One, One covers much ground, the One that We are, and the Oneness of activity. More is not always better. More can be a cover-up. Your mind is precious. Conserve it. You can think better, more deeply, when your mind is not filled with so much. Let your mind be uncrowded. Let your life be less crowded.
Let us say that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and not an ear phone in your ear! Silence is golden in more ways than one.
It is the same with eating. Eat less. See if you can. See if you can live as you truly wish to live and not as you are seemingly mandated. Be your own person. Meet yourself. Don’t run from yourself. Embrace the garden of yourself, what is growing within, and what you are planting. Look for a distance every once in a while. Pay attention to what you are doing. You don’t have to be caught up in everything or ten things. Put your attention on what you really want to put your attention on.
You were put on Earth for something. It is certainly something wonderful that you don’t want to miss out on. Find out what it is. Allow it to come to you. Let go of interference. Come to the simplicity of clarity and one-pointedness.

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