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God said:

You have seen a dandelion grow in a crack in the sidewalk. It reaches for the sun. The dandelion never tells itself, “It’s too hard. I can’t do it.” The dandelion says, “I see the sun. It shines on me. It is right within my grasp.” And the dandelion makes come true what it surmises; A dandelion doesn’t contemplate defeat. A dandelion knows he is to reach the sun, and not even concrete will stand in the dandelion’s way. How brave and stalwart is a dandelion as it reaches for the sun with determination; No dandelion defeats itself before it starts. A tiny seedling grows wherever he finds himself.

My children on Earth also make true what they surmise. What they think comes true. Only too often they think of what might stand in their way. Often they think of discouraging words. All of Earth is meant to be a place where a discouraging word is not heard. Do not hear discouraging words, beloveds. Do not listen to them. Certainly, don’t whisper them to yourself. Flick away discouraging thoughts. You don’t need them. No one needs them.

If you were creating a car, would you stop before you put the tires on? If you were creating a car that runs on air, I would ask you to see it through. I would ask you not to say, “Naw, that won’t work.”

You are creating a life on Earth, would you give up before the sun sets? Yet, sometimes, too often, My children give up before they try. They sigh. They stop themselves. Perhaps you might even say to yourself: “How can I think I could ever succeed?” And so you cannot fail that which you do not try. Nor can you succeed in traveling a path you don’t go down.

What is this posit, that you must succeed? What is the matter with not succeeding? I request that you try some not succeeding. Try it on, this not succeeding. Try on the hat that says: “I gave it all I was worth.” Try on the hat that says, “If I want it, I can make it happen.”

Be the little dandelion who, despite all odds, reaches for the sun, and is blessed by the sun.

Do you perhaps think that you have to be perfect in the eyes of the world? Are you looking for applause from the world, or are you looking to reach the sun?

Make the stamina of a dandelion your own. Certainly, you are no less Mine than a dandelion. Certainly, you can accomplish what a dandelion can. You can accomplish far more. What would a dandelion do if he had your mind and your arms and legs? What is there that a dandelion would not do?

Without all the opportunity that you have, a dandelion nevertheless forges ahead. A dandelion keeps his eye on the sun, and he follows it. Your task is the same. Your task is to simply follow the sun. The sun is as much yours as it is the dandelion’s. The sun is as close to you as it is to the dandelion. What is the difference between you and a dandelion? What is the difference really?

Can you not climb as high as a dandelion?

A dandelion cannot read. It has no inventions at its disposal. He doesn’t watch National Geographic. A dandelion has no education, doesn’t figure things out, doesn’t perform tests, does not measure. A dandelion has a target, and he lets not even concrete stand in its way. It is so simple for a dandelion.

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