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God said:

Today it could be that you are feeling more energetic than you have been feeling in a long time. It is such a good feeling to feel energy coursing through you, and you are ready for the world. Yes, you will be feeling this sense of exhilaration more and more.

Everyone in the world has access to this energy. It is physical energy, yet it is also greater than physical. The energy you sense exists in your body, and also in your mind and heart. The lack of energy you may have been feeling is a kind of malaise. It is a kind of dreariness. Be sure you are getting rest from tension so you can begin to feel and use your God-given energy.

The sense of lack of energy is moving away from you. This sense of lack has been a kind of cover-up. Your energy always is, yet sometimes it is covered up with what you might call stress and other difficulties with yourself. Practice being good-natured, easy-going.

It is easier to practice being good-natured than it is to practice being relaxed. Aim to become good-natured. It is a marvelous thing to be good-natured.

The next time you receive frustrating customer service, for instance, be good-natured. Good nature makes a big difference in your life and the lives of all those you interact with, directly and indirectly. Yes, be good-natured. Good-nature is akin to being easy-going. Just hearing the words easy-going and good-natured ease tension. Feel your body loosen up. This way you take years off your life. You take away wear and tear. You take away roughness.

This simple approach may be a great revelation.

If you would like a new take on life, easy-going is the way to do it. You are not pent-up. You are not looking for a fight. You aren’t looking to prove you are right. You aren’t looking to prove that the world is not treating you right. You are looking to make nice.

This is the same as looking to find out. What you want to find out is where peace lies. Peace is much nicer and finer than finding fault. Really, what do you want to find fault for? The more fault you find, the more one-sided you are. Pretty much, what you look for, you find. Not every time. Not always, yet don’t let a self-righteous attitude restrict your life.

Pretty much, what you gripe about, you multiply. Your complaints are self-fulfilling. Keep saying what a mess you find yourself in, and you will assuredly be in a mess of one kind of another. You may well be knee-deep in difficulties. Your thoughts materialize themselves with such encouragement from you — why are you surprised?

Ragged thoughts bring you raggedness. Angry thoughts bring angry thoughts. Be easy-going, and better are the thoughts that rattle around within you. Better for you. Do you have any idea how you assemble your thoughts and manifest them? Let your thoughts be about what you want. Stop complaining now. No more sulking. Enliven yourself.

Who are you to be disgruntled in life? No one owes you a living. You owe yourself. Where your thoughts are, by and large, is where you are. The world does not go on outside you. It goes on inside you.

If you want to attract self-serving people, be self-serving. You promote the direction of your life. Your life is not so haphazard as you may believe. Watch your words, and watch your thoughts.

Your thoughts are the wheels your life runs on.

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