Can Shadows Exist without Light? | Heavenletters

God said:

Hello, beloveds. Thank you for meeting with Me today. It is My pleasure to have you every day, and yet this happens to be today so I say I welcome you today. If you only knew how welcome you are. If only you could consciously enjoy all the love I pour onto you for My own joy. If you could only know the extent of your radiance, and what you mean to Me. If only you would know Who you are and that I am no stranger to you. Why, I am your very Being. I am the Tree from which you have sprung. If only you could consciously know what I know and live the joy of it.

Never would you worry about anything in the world, and, of course, there are only world things to worry about. There are no concerns in Heaven, and you are guaranteed Heaven. That is an easy guarantee because, by now, you know I am going to say that you have never left Heaven, not even for one second. You have a toehold in Heaven, although you may think you are far away. You are grounded in Heaven. Heaven is your flying-off place and your landing place, and this is done without your ever leaving.

Yet you have put a caul over your eyes and so you do not see what you do not see.

I know all the accounts of why it is you don’t see. Regardless, it is preposterous, all that you don’t see. Your imagination is so great, and you are vulnerable to believing that you see all there is, and so you point to a world of reality under your feet again and again.

The sirens of world reality have gone off continuously. You have been warned, as if warnings are true, as if caution is the word of the day, as if you are in imminent danger at every moment. The warners cannot conceive a world that is not fraught with danger, and that’s where the word No came from. That is where Don’t came from, and Better Not came from. Fear was born and bowed down to. Even the blessing the world calls death is feared when it is nothing but getting back to where fear, even though it is only imagined, no longer can even be imagined let alone felt. Fear? What is that in Heaven? What kind of far-fetched story is it that proves the validity of fear?

From what can fear be reflected? From a shadow, that’s all.

Fear not, beloveds. Fear not. Welcome life and all its paraphernalia. Welcome all the senses of taste and touch and so on. Welcome the sense of joy and sense of love. Simply enjoy. You are on a spree on Earth. Enjoy that which you enjoy, and never mind the rest. Remind yourself that the rest does not really exist, the same way that darkness does not exist. Light exists.

There is really no such thing as an eclipse of the moon. It is a magician’s trick. The Earth’s shadow covers the moon for a moment, and everyone says that the moon has been eclipsed. The moon isn’t changed. The moon is the moon.

In your eyes, have you not been allowing the shadow of Earth to eclipse Heaven? Isn’t that what you have been doing? Haven’t you put all your eggs in the one basket of Earth? Beloveds, when you obligate yourself solely to the manifestation of life on Earth, you obligate yourself to struggle. You get tied in knots.

Spend time with Me, and We will untie those knots. You will never have to tie yourself in knots again. And so you will never have to untie yourself.

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