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God said:

When life seems to move slowly, you want it to move faster. When it moves fast, you want it to slow down. Does this mean that you are either ahead of your life or lagging behind?

Sometimes it seems that you are either pressing on the gas or you are stepping on the brake.

Either there is too much traffic in your life or not enough.

Either you are too tall or too short, too young or too old, too serious or not serious enough, too friendly or too reclusive. When you wear a blue dress, you think you should have worn yellow, and so on. Those are your thoughts, not Mine.

Can’t you just let yourself be?

You have enough to do to just take care of this moment. No need to paddle it faster nor to slow it down.

When big waves come, go with them. When the sea is calm, float.

Have you not been hard to please? If you are fussy, you may fuss too much.

Be easier to please. Be pleased. Stop fighting whatever it is you fight. Let it be.

If you come to a red light, stop. When the light is green, get going. Pauses are as good as speed. Speed is as good as staying still.

It is as if you win a prize and you drop it because, the very next moment, you decide you want a different prize.

This is the day before you. This is the day I have given you to enjoy. This day is yours. Let it be itself. Controlling is not joy. Interfering is not joy. Pushing your day ahead or back is not joy. Rolling with your day is more like it. Be present in your day today.

Sometimes you think your nights are insignificant. When you go to sleep, you think you are in a lapse of some kind, that it is an interruption of your life, a necessary condition perhaps but one that gets in the way. You don’t quite feel that sleep is part of your life. You feel absent from it somehow. Perhaps you do not wish to participate in this particular divine part of your life.

But you can honor your sleep as a royal guest.

Sleep accomplishes much.

Because it is behind the scenes does not mean it is less important than what’s on stage.

What is written between the lines is as vital as the lines themselves.

Make sleep a wonderful time and not just something to get out of the way. Prepare yourself for sleep with the dedication you give to preparing for your day.

Make room for this special guest. Treat him well.

Today, do an experiment. After each event today, after each person you meet, mumble to yourself, “Thank You, God, for this portion of my day. Thank You, God, for this person in my life today. Thank You, God, for me. Thank You for making me an appreciator. Thank You for making me aware of my good fortune. I am in awe of the goodness in my life, and that awe makes me humble. May I know what is mine to behold in this moment of my life. And thank You, God, for giving this moment to me. Thank You, God, for my life today.”

Is that so hard to do?

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