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God said:

Hello! What is going on with you today? Surely, something is going on with you. You are one way or another. As it happens, there is a tendency for something to weigh heavily on your heart. Too often in the morning, your heart feels leaden. If you did not think so much, would you carry that weight in your heart? Your heart is meant to be light-hearted and not weighed down. So, now, uplift your heart. Help it to soar. You do, indeed, have a heart that is meant to soar and take you with it. Let your heart fly, and you along fly with it.

You can wake up in the morning jumping for joy. You would like to, wouldn’t you? Unharbor those thoughts you carry around with you day and night, and you will leap from bed, raring to discover the day and what it holds for you. Anticipate joy. Get out there and be joyful, and more joy will come to you. Joy breeds joy. Reluctance breeds reluctance. Be glad for this day that has come to you and is for you. Be happy to get up in the morning to this new day the sun ushers in.

You are a Lighted Being, and you are destined to shine. Shine now, beloveds. The sun is shining today, and so must you. Shine for all you are worth. Shine like the golden light you are. If you are what I say you are, and, of course, you are, then get in gear.

Light up the world. Start today. Not as a fire engine to put out fires but as a light from God to reveal happiness and all that happiness brings with it. Happiness brings intelligence. It brings love, and it lifts the world higher. You have an important role to play in the world. Play your part today. Be a light-giver, and so enlighten yourself. This is so simple. Why hasn’t this role been noted before? It has. It has. Only you didn’t note it at the time. Or you noted it and forgot. You had too many other things to do. Like what, beloveds, like what?

Do you follow along, or do you initiate?

Initiate a new song in your heart today. Strike up the band! Remember a song from childhood, and whip it up in your heart. The gang’s all here, and you are the prompter of all. Sing a merry song. Row, row, row your boat.

Get out of the boat you are in and leap into a sailboat. Fluff those sails. A stream is not big enough for you. Now you sail on the High Seas, and now you inspire, and now you uplift the world as it is your destiny to. I do not speak to one individual here. I speak to the Collective One. I speak to Oneness.

What can prevent you from lighting the world except disbelief in the actualized possibility? Perhaps you think I am just a story-teller who likes to entertain you with fairy tales. No, beloveds, it is true. Every word from My mouth is true. You have the capacity to be everything I say. Furthermore, I say you already are everything I say you are. Now, get going.

All you have to do is to leap out of bed and carry the incentive with you that I give you today. Keep it. Hold it high. See for yourself what a joy-giver and light-sharer you already are.

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