God’s Invitation to You | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, what if you had never heard of the concept of difficulty? Is it possible that difficulties would not be so prolific as they seem to be? Would there be one kind of difficulty after another if you had not been clued into the arena of difficulty in the first place? Had you not been told to watch out, to watch your step, to take care, pay attention, don’t fall, would there then have been so much difficulty to follow?

Had you not been warned not to fall, would you have fallen? What if danger had not been pounded into you or put at the top of the list of warnings? Would you have been so susceptible?

If all parents clearly honored their children, what then might have been?

In a Russian novel entitled The Idiot, a gentleman who carried the name of the book title had not had a reputation for clumsiness. As he entered a soiree one evening and the hostess warned him not to go near the statue in the foyer, would he have knocked it over?

You foresee this is exactly what would happen. The warning virtually magnetizes the Russian gentleman to live up to his reputation. This carries the same course as telling a child not to step into a puddle or not to lick his bowl of chocolate pudding.

We face clearly now the premise of being programmed from the outside. Then We can surely add self-programming to our future, yet the subsequent adding of this can’t be the whole story. The whole story doesn’t have to be disenfranchisement from on High. Anything is possible, absolutely possible. Despite the surface world’s accounting, you are invincible. You are far greater than you believe possible. You are not a small soul who appears in dribs and drabs and is shifted off to the side.

In truth, you are unbounded. In truth, you are a high-flyer. You are not a limited Being. You go beyond world measure. You are boundless. You are what I say you are. Don’t listen to what an unenlightened may say. Beloved, you can dance! You can dance! How you can dance! No one in My Academy is rendered lame. No one limps. Everyone on Earth is gainly.

Now, this is newsworthy of writing home about. Anything less is untrue, notwithstanding all that the earthen world itself may call true and defend with all its might. Of course, the world is waiting for a wake-up call.

Everyone on Earth is of royal heritage. Make no bones about it. You are a sweet prince or sweet princess. Not even once again listen to anyone’s remark regarding your lack of full value or anyone’s lack of full value. Some may try to make you a commoner or know-nothing. You yourself are not to hark to this idea. From now on, never again.

Stay in your utmost truth. Your utmost truth may strike you as revolutionary. Be revolutionary then – what do you care?

Light a fire. Light a fire under yourself.

I, God in Heaven, am easy to know. I am yours for the asking. Ask for Me then. Beat a path to My doorstep. Are you going to wait for a gold-embossed invitation from Me? Write it for yourself. Or whisper it to yourself. The whole world is at your feet. Come over here to Me. Let’s break down My door if you must sit quietly at My open door until you dare to step in.

Do you not know that My door is unlocked? In fact, don’t you know I have no door at all to leave locked or unlocked or for you to knock on? There are no closed doors where I am. I await your arrival. Hello! Walk in!

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