God wants only what is best for you, and for you to delight in that experience.

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There is only One, and you, therefore, are One with One, and the nature of One is Love. There is nothing else. All That Exists Is, and can therefore never be separated from Itself. You know this, and yet it appears to the vast majority of humans that this is not the case, or that it is only an intellectual knowing, without any intuitive or felt sense, any real awareness of this divine truth. However, this not the case either! You do know, it is just that you have chosen to remain unaware even though that knowing is always available to you if you will go within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and invite and allow this knowing into your hearts so that you can access it easily whenever you wish to do so.

When you do access this deep inner knowing it will mightily assist you in resolving all…

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