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God said:

Hear Me. Look up at Me. Raise your eyes to Heaven. Have your awareness on Me, and you will feel the beat of My Heart. You have a God Sense to avail yourself of.
It is not necessary to hear Me on a physical level, or see Me, or feel the beat of My Heart. Yet, on a far more subtle level, you do hear, see, and feel the love I offer. A thought of Me is a thought of Me.  A thought of Me is enough to rekindle your oh so fine memory of Me.
Of course, memory can be consciously-remembered. Memory can also be more subtle. Subtle does not mean less powerful. In fact, it means more powerful. And there is the memory called DNA. How dry DNA may sound next to the Word God, yet I am in your DNA. What is called your DNA connects Us. This is irrefutable. I am in every cell of your body and mind. It doesn’t matter whether you call Me objective or subjective. What can any word be next to God Himself — Me Myself?
You can feel Our Connection. Call it Oneness. We are so deep in one another’s heart that We are not two but One. Oneness IS. One Heart in the Universe exists. The connection We speak of is Truth which, then, entwines the so-called Us so tightly that We become I, and I am One, and the so-called you is also One and the Same. This Truth seems so far away from your daily life that you may consider it something like an Old Wives’ Tale, yet Truth is hardly a story. Truth Is. The Truth is love, and nothing but the Truth.
Love Is. And love reverberates. Being is love. I am love, and you are love. The twain have already met. There is no separation nor has there been separation ever. That idea can only be illusion. It seems real to you that you are separate, yet illusion is convincing even as it is illusion. Life on Earth is simply love reverberated. A heartstring was pulled like a string of a guitar, and the moving music of Life on Earth was plucked, and, so, the rest is story.
Where do notes of music exist? Where do these notes go after they are played?  First, there is the call: Lights! Cameras! Action! And the reel begins. Reel or wheel, life turns. The song has begun. You drop into an Ocean of Life. The word drop is used commonly because, in the World of Life, up and down exist, high and low exist, and there is falling falling falling, and there is rising rising, rising. The world is astir even as it is asleep.
What is going on here on Earth? Whirling illusion is going on. It is play. It is a play, and it is play. Life whirrs and makes sounds. The world of sound comes from Silence. Sound is pulled out and diversified and seems louder than Silence. Out of the Silence comes sound, sound more audible and visible, more viable, louder than Silence, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Do not think that I devalue Life on Earth. Silence is Holiness. Earth Life pretty much is a recording, of Silence, let Us say, and the recording is scratchy. At its seeming best, Life on Earth is music. Less at its best, as it may seem, life is noise. Life sputters sounds. Life is noisy, yet, it is from the Silence beneath the noise and the sound of music that all blessings come.
Call Me Silence, if you will. Certainly, call Me to you, or get up, and come closer to Me in your heart and mind. Know God as Thyself.

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