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God said:

Think of someone you know who is always calm. He or she never becomes rattled. You are lucky if you know one such person in a lifetime.
This person can have great responsibility at work, yet this person seems to take care of it all like a piece of cake. He doesn’t get harried. It doesn’t even seem a possibility to this person to have too much to do or to ever feel he is in a tight position.  He doesn’t seem to even get tired. He is bright, caring, vital, genuine, pleasant and never frazzled.
Oh, to have an employer like this. Oh, to be like this.
Of course, it’s possible that it never occurred to you to desire to be like this. Yet what a boon this person is, and you could be this person.
There are things you cannot ever be in this lifetime, yet this is something you can be.
I bet you anything that this easy-going person came to it. I bet he had his rough days, and everyone could tell. It took no special announcement so that you could notice.  Perhaps he clenched his teeth and perspired under the strain he felt. I bet you anything that this calm person you know today has really come to this point. He isn’t covering up how he feels. He simply learned along the way to take everything in his stride. He learned not to make a big deal of life as though the sky would fall if he were not tense. Rather, he learned to be calm as he went along.
He learned that life itself can be hectic and that he doesn’t have to be hectic at all. He learned it is possible not to be affronted by tension yet rather to let go of it. What a beautiful thing to be done with tension. Just as you learned how to read, you can learn to let go of a need for stress and strain. Yes, it is possible to be alive without acquiring tension. Once you feel tense, it is possible to ease away from it into calmness. It is possible for tension to surrender. If it is possible for someone to rise above tension, it is also possible for you. What is possible for another is also possible for you. As you rise higher, tension will not feel so important to you. Calmness will become more important to you.
Tension is a decision you made. You adopted it. Now you can adopt peace instead. You really can. Ultimately, We are talking about decisions you have made. You may not have been conscious that you made such a decision. In fact it’s a new thought that tension, which you always thought was foisted on you, is a decision of yours. Maybe you copied your mother or father, yet you are the one who latched on to that style.
Ultimately you are responsible, and nobody else is. If tension is your habit, you can take on another habit.
Tension, like happiness, doesn’t come from outside. You fashion it yourself. You may comb your hair one way all your life. You can always comb your hair another way today. Who decides, beloveds? Not the winds above. You are the decider of your own patterns.
You are not a victim of tension. You are a procurer of it. You learned to get upset as though upset helped you in some way.

Upset doesn’t help you. Upset is very elemental. Upset is from the old ages, perhaps prehistoric ages. I believe you are living in the 21st century. Any reason you give for upset is an excuse. “I have always been this way. I can’t help it. There’s nothing I can do about it.” Excuses. Lame excuses.
Instead of excuses, have a new intention. “I can be calm.” “I can be laid-back no matter what.” “I can think bigger than I have thought in the past.”
Perhaps you will gain insights such as: “I have been thinking of myself as if I were not One with God. It is God’s Truth that I am capable of change for myself and change for the world and all those around me.”
Now you know that you are capable of rewriting your script.

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