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God said:

Look through My eyes and see yourself.

I give this message over and over again.

You have been seeing amiss.

Now see aright.

You have put yourself under a microscope.

You belong across the universe and around the sun. Ride the vastness like a camel across the desert. Rise like a kite or a dawning sun. There is a great expanse before you.

Do not particularize yourself so much as you do.

Look at your wholeness. Look for it.

Look more at blessing and less at fault.

Accept that you are blessing. Yes, you are a blessing like a drop of dew on the parched earth.

What did you think you were? Did you think you were a mistake?

You are God’s created being, sent to earth for its enrichment. That is what you are on earth for, to reflect Me on earth and so raise its consciousness to Mine. That is the meaning of your life on earth.

How you do it is through deep utter joy, also known as love. Correction doesn’t do it for the world. Suggestions don’t do it. Rules don’t do it. Treaties don’t do it. Arguments don’t do it. Words don’t do it. Being right doesn’t do it. Force doesn’t do it. Only the joy of love does it.

I set you on earth as My retainer for the world. You are the speaker for Me. You speak with your being, for your voice and words are more interpreted than heard.

In the silence of your heart, you are the speaker for Me. You echo My thought. I have one thing to say, and that is love. And I gave it all to you so that you might also give it away. Give it to the universe. How it needs the attention of your heart!

Don’t let your heart fall entirely to Earth, for it is misunderstood there and can be trampled on. Raise your heart to Heaven, and the universe will rise with you. The closer you come to Me, the more you bestow Me upon the earth. Your love is mist that rises. The whole universe takes its cues from you. You are the wielder of the universe.

You do not believe that can be so, yet why would I tell you this if it were not? Listen to the truth in your heart. Can you tell Me then that what I say is not so?

Hear Me once and for all: You are My dispatch on Earth, and it is My message that you give. Emanate My message for the world. Surely you did not think it was your personal wants and ignorance you were to display?

You are a leader of the universe.

It copies you. It copies how you walk. It looks where your eyes go. It looks up or down according to you. What your heart accepts, the world accepts for all. You color world thought. You dim or brighten it, and so you dim or brighten your concept of yourself.

Be a dawning sun upon earth. Don’t wait for the earth to shine on you. You are the earth’s light. The earth is not there to light you. You are already lit. You are to light the earth. That is so much easier than anything else.

You are a beam of light. And it is My light that you beam. You are a ray from My heart. You are an unending ray of My heart. Your heart is a star that radiates My light so that more of it can be seen.

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