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God said:

There is no opposite to peace, as there is no opposite to love. No competition exists, and yet peace and love have not always been your living experience.

Peace means certainty. It means you know that everything is taken care of. In truth, there is not a toothpick in the universe that is not accounted for.

You are My beloved. Beloved of God, what is there for you to be uncertain about? But sometimes you choose uncertainty over peace. You think being stirred to distraction is life at its fullest. You have perhaps forgotten that peace is life at its fullest.

If you could feel certain that I am with you, what uncertainty could you have? What would you question, and from what would you tremble? What weakness or error could you conceive of when you are certain of your place in the universe? What would you even know of pitfall and danger when you do not conceive of them? When you are in the Truth whereof I speak, what would you know but peace?

Peace is strong and enlivening. Peace unites every atom in your body, and it unites your heart with the totality of love itself. When you are filled with peace, what else can enter? Peace I give unto you. With Me peace is found. It is inseparable from Me, just as you are.

Can you imagine My hunting around for a lost article? Can you imagine Me rushing to make an appointment? Can you imagine Me frantically busy? Or can you imagine Me sitting idle? Never idle, but from the stillness of peace, I accomplish all, and all is accomplished.

At the moment I decided, you came to light. You were light the moment you occurred to Me. All that remains is that you occur to yourself. You are trying to find out who you are, and I tell you that you are My light on Earth. You only think you flicker. You simply haven’t found out yet who and what you are. I have peace and love abundant because I know Who I am. I know I am God. What else is there for Me to find out? What else is there for Me to do but be Who I am? What more is there for you to do but to be who you are, created in the peace of God? Certainly, you know you are My child. That much you know. What do you imagine a child of Mine can be?

If you imagine anything but divine, then your imagination has gone astray. Your imagination has led you to dark alleys and bumps in the road that you believe in. All the while, you are My heart’s child and safe with Me. There is no danger you can encounter. When your body is withdrawn, you will know that nothing happened while you were here on Earth. Right now you can know this. Nothing can happen. The worst cannot happen. Illusion happens.

I am real and you are real. Peace and love and light are real. All the rest is mass imagining. I would ask, My child, that you imagine something more than all the imaginings of the world. Imagine peace in the world. Imagine a sense of peace. Imagine peace coming over you like a mist from Heaven. Imagine peace reaching you from the center of My heart. Beloveds, beloveds, peace I give unto you.

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