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God said:

What is all the fuss in the world about? What are you fussing about? What are you really on edge about? Probably you are on edge about being on edge. A tempest in a teapot, indeed.

Life is for Greatness. The purpose of Life certainly is not smallness. You are not here to discover how high a fervor you can whip up. Rather you are here to calm the Seas that rise within you, dear ones, within you.

Be big-boned. Lend sturdiness to Life. You can undo a hem that is crooked rather than being upset about it. Undramatize Life. Pick your fights. What is so important about fighting? Must you?

Once and for all, hurt feelings, embarrassment, resentment, regret, holding on are forms of ego. Whether words and actions are right or not right isn’t the issue. Ego is the issue.

You may say to yourself that they can’t do this to you. Beloveds, from the depth of My Heart, I tell you that they didn’t do anything to you. Free yourself from the idea that you somehow created another’s level of consciousness and you are the cause of it.

You may think the world is here to trip you up. You may mislead yourself that you have a role to straighten Life and the world out, that you are here to solve all difficulties, that you are to make the world orderly.

Consider now that you are to the manor born. This means that you are to feature Beauty before your very eyes. You are to be Beauty to behold. You are not a scullery-maid, nor do you make to-do lists for others to fulfill.

Life in the world is not directed at you. You are an observer.

There is no difficulty in finding fault, yet finding fault is looking in the wrong place.

Build. Do not demolish.

Nag? Not on your Life.

Nitpick? Perish the thought.

Set the table and invite all to sit down. You are the greeter of the world. Greet.

No one is superior. No one is inferior. No one knows it all. Be a way-maker, not a fixer of other souls. If you must enforce, enforce Love. Elevate Love. Love Love. Enhance Peace. With your hands off, you can do good. You weren’t designated to the corrector of the Universe.

Be not an extinguisher of hearts. No, never, turn low the flame of even one heart. Let hearts emerge. Ah, yes, live and let live, and love will emerge before your very eyes. Big or little love, let it be. Let all be free. It is not for you to converge on any other souls to straighten them out.

Sometimes it seems so hard for you to resist blowing out the Light of others. Encourage the Light of others. Give it room. Just let it be. It is not for you to decide others’ Entourage of Will. Free Will, remember. Let you be the Welcomer of Free Will.

What does it mean to restrain others’ Free Will? It means you close others’ hearts down. You set up others to restrict their will. You shut their Free Will down as if it were in your way. You are in your own way.

Give yourself freedom from interfering. Your grip on the world is not to be tight. Loosen your hold. Loosen it now. Free the world. Ease up. Undo your grip. Free yourself, and so you unfreeze all others. Set a loving scene. No more cuffing anyone, not even when you mean it for another’s good. Free, not cuff.

Unjail the world. No longer confine the world or anyone in it. Free the world, and you free yourself.

What do you want? What you want is what everyone wants. One thing you want is a little respect. Then this is what you must give.

Let’s shake hands on this.

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