Now, Beloveds, Now | Heavenletters

God said:

When you see through My eyes, you will see beauty beyond that which you have ever seen or imagined. You would be dazzled, beloveds. At the same time, you would wonder why you didn’t see all this beauty before. You will not understand how you could have passed by what was shining right before you. You will shake your head at the thought of what you could have seen yet did not. You will call yourself a knucklehead. You will shake your head long after you have run out of names to call yourself.

The point is that once you were blind, and now you can see. No matter what, this is cause for rejoicing and not for regret.

Beloveds, you will see beauty left and right. You will see beauty where you did not see beauty before. In darkness, beloveds, you will see beauty as never before. Now is the beauty, and now the beauty is yours.

Someone might say you were purified so you could see. I would say that you simply stepped onto a higher step. That doesn’t take purification. It just takes moving your legs up one more step. It takes no more purification than it takes you to walk. What you have to do to reach a higher step is simply to walk up one more step.

Nothing has to hold you back. Certainly don’t keep telling yourself that you have to wait. Look, I am telling you that you already have all the ingredients necessary. When you want a kite to fly, all you have to do is to let it go.

Beloveds, I am telling you that I am right outside your window. I am also telling you that I am right in your house. I am at your fingertips. I am within you. Where I AM, how then can beauty be not? Inasmuch as I am everywhere, then where is beauty not?

What makes you say you do not see Me and all the beauty of Creation because you are not yet ready? What makes you say that as an excuse? It has to be an excuse because I say you are ready! I say there is no limitation, and yet you surround yourself with limitation.

Beloveds, what makes you so ready to see fear and dread and ugliness? Why, you can spot fear a mile a way. And, yet, beauty that is right before you, sometimes you cannot see.

In a way, the situation you are in is the opposite of the emperor who wore no clothes. You are the emperor in a land of vast beauty, and you do not see it. It seems to you that no one sees it, not really.

You know that you have sometimes put down a glass of water or juice or milk, and you don’t remember where you left it. You may look around the whole kitchen, and still not see it. But later, from perhaps a different angle, you see your glass on the counter where you had left it and had not seen it. Somehow your eyes glazed over your glass, and it had not penetrated to you what you were seeing. Indeed, it is the mind that your eyes see with.

You didn’t see a glass, and, perhaps you did not see even the beauty of your mother’s face until years later when she had left Earth.

Beauty unseen is simply beauty not yet seen. It is there yet unseen. What is unseen can be seen.

Maybe instead of your seeing close up, you have to see from further away. Maybe in order to see the Vastness, you have to see from Vastness. Or maybe you just have to step up a step without further dallying.

What I say you can do, you can do. And I say, “Now.” I say, “Now, beloveds.”

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