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God said:

My children are pursued by unwanted thoughts. Much swearing under the breath. You don’t know what to do with your unwanted thoughts. They are not independent of you. They are your thoughts, after all, and yet they come unbidden, as if they have a life of their own.

Many of your thoughts are memories, pleasant or unpleasant. The unpleasant ones flare up, and you say under your breath what you wish you would have said at the time but didn’t for one reason or another.

To prevent such untoward thought-memories, say what you mean to say now. Say what you mean. Do not say what is expected of you when it is contrary to your inner being. Your purpose of speech is not to pull something out of the air to say, but to express your being. Less than truth is untruth, or it is bandying with the truth. Truth is not to be hedged with. It is not to be put off for another time.

You are not a politician towards life. You are not looking to win votes. How paltry are votes! How much do they mean, after all?

You are a wave of life, and you want to be your own wave that sparkles in the light.

The wave of you does not try to prove anything. It does not try to convince yourself or others. But you can make clear to yourself what your heart is saying.

So, now, you ask, what can you do with the collection of unwanted thoughts that pin themselves to the wall of your mind?

Consider them like eyebrows you tweeze. Pluck them out one at a time. An unwanted thought appears, it has been plucked, and now you see it go. You do not need that thought again. You have dispensed with it.

Consider unwanted thoughts as weeds that fill cracks in the pavement. You don’t shun them, but you don’t pay them much mind either.

With your unwanted thoughts, you are trying to make things right. Pesky thoughts come to the fore to be seen and ushered out.

Untruth is niggling. It gets to you. Untruth nips at your heels.

Truth leaves you alone or affords you a step up. You can stand on the shoulders of truth. Even little truths. But there is no truth that is little.

With unexpressed truth, you have tossed portions of yourself away, and for naught.

Often when you say you want to express yourself, when you say you want to express who you are, you are looking to fatten your image in the world. Have fun with self-expression and the choices you make, but they are not who you are. Self-expression is not your possessions, your knowledge or personality. Who you are is not dependent upon those matters that are outside you.

Do not be an imposter to yourself. To be other than the truth of you is posing and imposing another picture upon yourself.

Your identity is sacrosanct. It is not your name. It is not your walk. It is not your sentiment. It is not the banks of things you build to bolster a picture of you. It is not your social security number. It is not where you live. It is not your income. It is not the color of your cheeks.

Your identity is a core of being deeper than all those.

When you are alone, and there is no audience but yourself, speak to Me of your heart, and I will help you express it. For you and for Me, I will help you express yourself in the light of love. The truth matters. Less than truth does not matter. The past is less than truth. Be done with it. Let all your unwarranted thoughts flee. Do not try to correct your life. Go on with your life. Never mind the past. Go forward blazing in My light.

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