You Can Change Your Destiny | Heavenletters

God said:

It is not for you to have concern about your status in the world. Whether the world looks up to you or away from you – it is not the making of you. Plaudits from the world feel very good, and displeasure from the world does not feel good, and yet you are not here for the pleasure or displeasure of the world. You are not a branch of a tree that is snapped at the flick of a wrist. Your life is meant for more. The foundation you stand on is greater than the audience you have. The eyes of the world do not have to be upon you.
You don’t have to be the star of the movie you are in. The bit players also play a significant role. No one owns the play. Whatever it may seem like, all parts are equal. The director is important. The cameraman. The editor.
Which vine of the grape is more important than another? Every leaf plays its part. Each contributes to the whole. The root of the vine supports all. A fledgling vine matters. Every leaf matters. Some may seem to be more favored than another, but the truth is that all are favored.
Everyone in a play is favored. Everyone is favored to be in the play. It is not an affront to be in the play. It is not discrimination to have a small part, nor is a more dominant role in the play exaltation.
You are all gears of the Universe. Which gear tooth matters more than another?
Whether you play the prince or the pauper does not determine your significance. And if you are the prince today and the pauper tomorrow, you are not more or less. As the world perceives, you are more or less. The world does often perceive amiss. The perceptions of the world are no more and no less than the perceptions of the world.
There is a higher court. It is a court of love. It is a court of true recognition. It is a court that gets to the heart of the matter.
The heart of the matter goes deep. You contribute significantly. Even if in your own eyes, you are a dodgy scoundrel, you have great merit in the court of love. Everyone goes to the maypole. Everyone is significant. The chorus is significant. Every child of Mine is significant. You must know that you have great meaning to Me. To say that you mean a lot to Me does not begin to say what you are to Me.
There is destiny. There is also free will, and you can change what you see as your destiny. The destiny that you all share is that you are coming to Me speedily in your awareness. You who have never left are zooming back to Me. Like rockets, you are. That is your destiny, and that you cannot change.
Circumstances in your life, you can change. You can change what you may consider your lot in life. You can start flying with the angels if you like. If you have lived in a mud pit, you can arise. There is no limit as to how far you can rise. How far would you like to rise? And when you have risen to the highest, then there is another high to reach, for, of what We speak now, there is no limit.
High or low in terms of the world, first or last, you can reach Heaven and beyond. In Heaven terms, there is no first or second or last, and this is how you are to Me. First.

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