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God said:

Write Me into your schedule. When you make an appointment with the dentist, write Me in too, for I will accompany you. You do not need to check with Me. I will be there. I don’t miss appointments. Write Me in your calendar so you will remember that I am with you.

When you go dancing, I dance with you. When you climb a mountain, I climb with you.

If you eat alone in a restaurant, I sit beside you. I keep you company. I help you digest.

A difference between Us, beloveds, is that I enjoy everything We do, and you do not always. You too often forget where you are and Whom you are with.

There is nowhere you can go that I do not accompany you. I am full-steam ahead with love and joy in your company. I wouldn’t miss being with you for anything in the world. I do not deny Myself the pleasure of your company. Why then would you deny yourself the awareness of Mine?

We are inseparable. That is not a theory. It is naked fact. I am with you right now. I read over your shoulder. I whisper the words in your ear. I tug at your heart. I feed you Truth.

Sometimes I dance before you so you will notice. I call out: “See Me, see Me!” And you pretend not to. Your unawareness can only be pretense. It is some kind of game you play, like hide-go-seek when you very well know where I am. Certainly I am not hidden. I do not believe in hiding. Then it must be you who hides Me from yourself.

You don’t have to go anywhere to find Me. If I am never absent, I am always present. Where has your heart wandered off to?

There are no greener pastures than what I give to you now.

There is no horizon that your hand cannot reach.

Hold Me to your heart now. Let Me stir it. Let’s get your heart moving. Let it go where it wants. It is a foregone conclusion that it wants Me. I sit in a rocker in your heart, or I lie down in a hammock there, or I skip-to-my-lou. In any case I am ever-present in your heart and in everyone else’s simultaneously. I am a master of simultaneity.

I keep all of the universe in mind with love. All of creation is My gift. Every little insect has its role to play. Do you not know you have yours?

I say role, because in relative life, it is all a role you play. The world is a masquerade ball. Everyone knows the truth, and yet everyone pretends that the costume and role are the sum and total. It would seem that people easily believe the false and disbelieve the true.

Hang on to My every word now. Listen to what I say. You are beautiful. You are magnificent. You are holy. You are Greatness. You are Love. And you are My beloved.

Why seek fame? You are already famous with Me. Seek world fame then only so that you may share Me more readily than you could without fame. There is nothing at all in the world for you to do but share Me. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, share Me. That is all you can do. And that is the most you can do.

You share Me by sharing love. Wouldn’t you like to? Why wait when I am here now?

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