You Are a Multi-Dimensional Being | Heavenletters

God said:

Surely suffering comes because you think this little bit of imagined time on Earth is all there is. When you believe this is the only hand you have to play, you invest heavily in it. Your involvement is utter. You bet all your chips.

When you know there are other establishments and other places to play, you are not so attached to one particular hand. Then your life becomes more like easy come and easy go. What once seemed like a huge event now becomes an episode. Life becomes a string of episodes like a string of beads or grass braided. It is not even that you have to wait until later for another life, for your existence is, in fact, many-tiered right now. You are like a terrace with many gradations, one seemingly following another yet all laid out simultaneously. You live more than one life right now.

Your life is like a spinning top. It revolves. Like the planets, your life spins. You hop from one stone to another while your mind is off somewhere on a journey of its own.

When you are in a little boat and do not see the land, you can only feel that you are in a little boat far from land. When you are in a little boat and do not yet see the land but know it’s near, you feel safe, and you are unfrazzled. No matter what the seeming cause, no matter how weighty, whenever you feel frazzled, you are picturing yourself in a little boat with no land in sight. Fear has overtaken you and stripped you of reality.

Fear, of course, convinces you that it itself is reality and an inevitable reality. Listen, fear never has a basis in reality. Fear tells you that you are finite. There is no finite, beloveds. Certainly, there is no finite when it comes to you. Of course, when you think this huddled body you are in is the whole show, you quiver. But Reality is infinite, and infinite are you. Nothing can harm you. In this plane referred to as life on Earth, your body seems like the basis for everything. Seems, but your body is merely a convenient tool in the third dimension, a conveyance, a little house you are in. Of course, the body is not you. The body is mere hi-jinks. When you feel that body is all that you have and that you can’t live without it, you have believed in a magic trick. You saw it with your own eyes, you thought, yet you deluded yourself.

Right now you travel many places, unaccompanied by your body. This is what it means that you are a multi-dimensional Being. You know so much more than you allow yourself to know. You have traveled to other galaxies and back again, and you don’t recall. You also can’t conceive how it is possible, so you give up on the idea. You concede only to what you can grasp in your hand. You have accepted belief only in whatever you have been taught. You have decided that what doesn’t fit in with particular boundaries you have been taught cannot be so. This is called close-minded.

Instead of being open to seeing what is, you have concluded then that it can’t be so. You believe what you believe. What an illusionist you are. And so you suffer. And so you discount or even disown yourself, believing in a lesser being.

What if you truly are an angel as if from another planet? What if you have found yourself transplanted to Earth, yet you pretend you are not who you are. You are very convincing. You pretend so well you have bought into your own fooling yourself. Oh, beloveds, if you would accept your absolute worth, you would be as happy as kings. You would be happy.

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