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God said:

Come from a place of peace today. Dispense with inner turmoil. All is taken care of. All is well. Whatever life seems to be, it is the case that all is well. There is nothing to be perturbed about. Your inner turmoil is like running your car’s motor in idle. You don’t get anywhere. You just use energy. You become fraught with thought, and your thoughts steam in idle.

All turmoil is inner. No matter what is going on outside, it is your own inner turmoil that assails you.

There is no turmoil without your identification of it. You find a substantial cause, yet inner turmoil existed before a good cause arose. Inner turmoil is like a magnet. It finds cause. It is never at a loss to find an irresistible cause, for inner turmoil extends itself. It is an accepting host, even gracious, even though you do not want to have such a party.

Instead of culturing unrest, culture an inner environment of peace. Your inner environment will reflect itself out into the world and grab hold of it. You have thought that the world causes you discomfort, yet you have discomfited the world. Profit the world instead.

Enough sleeping on thorns. Roll over on a mattress of rose petals. Savor the roses, and leave thorns where they lie.

We come back again and again to leaving the past alone. The past doesn’t need you any more than you need it. Awaken today and shrug the past off your shoulders. You have mulled over the past enough. You awaken to a new day today. Yesterday slipped over the horizon, and now let it slip from your mind. The growth from the past is yours. The gift has been given. Now no longer keep the wrappings of the past, for you get tangled in them. No matter what anguish the long or short past was wrapped in, it is not yours to keep.

What unrest would you have if you did not belabor something in the past? You might say there is enough disturbance in the world going on today to fuel today. Did I not tell you that you could always find a cause?

By the same token, beloveds, you can always find peace. It exists within you. Do I exist with you? Surely you do not think I am turmoil. I Who am love am also peace. Both My love and My peace surpass understanding. You won’t find peace and love through researching the news.

If you knew that every time you read or think of bad news, you telegraph it on the airwaves of your thoughts, you would think twice. If you knew that every peaceable and loving thought of yours also sends itself out on the airwaves, would you not choose peaceable thoughts?

You have heard that complaining does no good, and now I am telling you the same. Let go of all the complaints and hurts in the world, and bombard the world with thoughts like soothing balms. Nurture the world. No longer crab about it or anything.

Be glad for the world. Sing its glad tidings. Pay attention to what you look at. Your eyes can look where they will. Your thoughts as well.

Feed your heart with light. Do not give it darkness. Uplift your heart. Do not wait for it to uplift you. Beat it to the punch. Set the tone of your heart. Set it at night before you go to bed as you might an alarm clock. Now you set an awakening clock, one that will awaken you to sparkling joy and wanted thoughts. No more unwanted thoughts. Hail the thoughts that bring peace, and, so, you broadcast them to the world. You may have been waiting for the world to change, and now you know the world waits for you.

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