Let the Bells of Freedom Ring | Heavenletters

God said:

Letting go is of the paramount importance. I would say it is to be your theme for the upcoming months. Why would anyone hang on to anxiety? Why would anyone set themselves up for heartbreak? Your insistence that something has to be the way you want and not another way is a great source of heartbreak. As much as you don’t like to think so, that makes you the source of your own heartache. I do not say you are the cause, for there is no cause, beloveds, except that you fervently believe something has to play out the way you perceive it should. When it plays out without deference to your beliefs, you are appalled.

Beloveds, I do want you to live happily ever after. I do want you to be happy this moment. I don’t want you to feel wounded. When you do feel hurt and bereft, rather than your begging Me to change other minds and hearts to suit you, I would suggest you ask Me to help you let go of your hurt. Just don’t honor it anymore. So that you will not be aggrieved, let go of your perceived need of it.

When you were a child, it may have been the end of the world for you when you didn’t receive the red fire truck you so wanted, even worse when it was given to you and then it was lost or stolen or somehow damaged beyond recognition. What you felt then, you re-experience and feel now. Only now your grief isn’t over a toy or even a real object.

What you have done, beloveds, is turn people into objects. You see one or more loved ones as occupying certain places in your life. You see they must stay there, the same way your red fire truck was supposed to stay yours as it was, the same way you see beloveds as having to be yours, having to stay in one place and not move in any direction that you do not ordain ahead of time. Yet it is no secret to you, beloveds, that no one is to be your pawn.

Beloveds, do not think that I belittle what means so much to you. I know the depth of your heartache and what you think you have lost. I know what your holding on to an idea costs you. It costs you peace. It costs you comfort. It costs you your sense of well-being. Your entrenched ideas steal joy from you and substitute grief in its place. You have had the entrenched idea that something must remain as it is, that if it leaves, its leaving is unallowed. I do not uphold your holding on. I do not uphold your holding on so tightly. I do not uphold your holding on to the degree that anyone’s departure derails your heart from the track of joy and love it is meant to be on. Do you understand Me better now?

Let everyone and everything good be free to come to you. Let everyone and everything good be free to go on its merry way. I ask you to give up pain and suffering, beloveds.

Loved ones leave. Whether through their own choice or their leaving the Earth plane, loved ones leave. Be gracious. Allow those you love to be their own free-wheeling selves to follow their own destiny. You cannot hold them to you.

The name of the game of life in the world is change, beloveds. The change now for you is to give freedom a blessing.

Let freedom ring. Let loved ones be free to stay and free to leave according to their hearts and their destiny. You are to keep no prisoners. Regardless of how the world may see it, no one has done anything to you. You are not less because someone left you. You have great opportunity to be more.

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