The World Is Rising | Heavenletters

God said:

The world does not have a good reputation. Often, it is looked at askance, and unruliness and injustice duly noted. And yet, from this same world, flowers grow, the sun rises, and despite all its idiosyncrasies, this is your world, and all is well with it. Beauty is on the rise. You are rising, and you are pulling the world up with you. You escalate the world.

Despite its faults, the world is rising. It will be easier to see the blush of the rose in the world. The world is softening. The tug of war between might and right is lessening. Might will be displaced simply because consciousness is rising. What was okay yesterday will not be today. There will be a new restlessness. The world is going to shift, beloveds. Dreams will come true.

There will be honesty of thought and honesty of speech. There will be less pomposity. There will be fewer people you will mutter about under your breath. Life in the world will become a calmer painting. There will be less commotion. Struggle will be less because what will there be to struggle against? Peace? Truce? Fighters returning to their corner?

You will laugh more. This is a foregone conclusion. There will be more laughter than sirens.

Bored with unkindness, gangs will become gangs of kindness. There will be a different kind of marauder. The masked man will be on the side of giving. Not even Robin Hood will be acceptable. There will be no more stealing from the rich in order to give to the poor, for the rich will be good guys too. The poor will see the rich from a different vantage and no longer be poor. The rich will not tolerate poverty. Wealth for wealth’s sake will fade. Universal giving will rise.

There will be more unison than division. When hearts rise, unison is all there can be. Who would want to tear love apart when they are filled with it? Who would dispute generosity? What difference would there be between giver and receiver? The giver will not be more blessed than the receiver. Life will be more like a handshake.

The world will put down its fists. What will there be to fight when there is no war to declare? Peace will take over. The world will have surrendered. It will have surrendered to itself. The world will no longer be guarded. No more gated communities. No more obstacles. All will be free-flowing.

There will be singing in the streets. Happiness will know happiness. All voices will be sweet. There will be a new rhythm to Earth. Hearts will beat with a different cadence. Love is going to overtake the Earth, and all will be swept up in it. This is a tide that cannot be stemmed. What I say is going to come to pass exactly as I say. It is coming now. Peace and love are marching, getting ready to catch everything in their wake. The bell of peace has been sounded.

Do not think I am making this up. I am announcing what is around the corner. Believe Me now. Even while the world is disjointed, you can believe Me. You have desired to see into the future, and now I am showing it to you.

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