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God said:

You are to rise above everything. You are to rise above knowledge of good and evil. You are to rise above. When you love, you rise above all the do’s and don’ts in the world. When you rise above, you don’t need the Ten Commandments. You don’t have to be told not to kill, for killing tempts you not one bit.

You are to rise above instruction for much of your life. All the instruction in your life sets limits, and you are to be freed from limits. Of course, I am not telling you to drive down a one-way street the wrong way or not to stop at a stop sign.

You have been following too many rules, and they bog you down. Eat this, not that. Sleep with your head in a certain direction and not another. Wear this color lipstick. Watch out for germs. There is too much listening to what an expert outside you tells you. There is no limit that you cannot rise above.

The trouble with listening to all the sure knowledge around you is that it breeds fear. You are fearful that if you don’t do it, something you don’t like will happen. You fear the consequences. Remember Truth instead.

Adhering to all the advice and instruction in the world weighs you down. You want to be free. When you have fears, you are not free. Fears enslave you. Your abiding questions are: “What will happen to me if I don’t follow this rule? Will I digest my food properly? Will I gain weight?”

Once certain rules are established in your mind, you are at their mercy. If you are sure that something is not good for you, you make it so.

What does it mean to be innocent? It means that you are open, that you do not arrive on a scene with foregone conclusions. Innocent, you do not have miles and miles of regulations suffocating you. Innocence arrives at the scene without the past and its rules tagging along. Innocence is independence from the past. Innocence is powerful.

These days you are bombarded by rules. Wherever you turn, you are told to take this pill or another. Sometimes you are told, “Or else.” What if every pill you don’t take does you good? Think of that.

You are told to put this cream on your face to prevent aging. Why, aging is a part of life. You cannot stem aging, and why should you? The only sure cure for aging of your body is to die early.

If you rub your hands lightly over your face without cream, that alone might delay wrinkles. But why be worried about wrinkles? What is the big deal? And, are there not other things more worthwhile to think about?

Doing something for someone may well slow down aging. How about happiness and a life free of worry? How about not thinking about wrinkles? Not thinking about them, not looking for them around every corner, that might postpone their appearance.

Do not have to have what everyone else is having. This is a rule I will give to you.

Here are some other rules I will give to you:

Smile a lot. Frown not at all.

Say Yes more often.

Say No lots less.

Say often, “What can I do to help you?”

Listen well.

Pay less attention to yourself, more to Me.


Be simple.

Think less about the pieces of life.

Think more about the wholeness of life.

Do what gives you happiness. Never mind what the world says will give you happiness.

Give happiness.

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