You Are a Being of Light | Heavenletters

God said:

Hello, My beautiful angels on Earth! I address you now. I address you every moment of this intimacy We call life, even though there is no moment, Allness instead. There is no separation. There is no separation of Us. There is no separation of time and space except in endless thought because neither exists nor ever did. There is no time, yet We can say everything occurs simultaneously. Everything that history says occurred and all that which calls out the so-called future always has been yet never occurs. All of it is contained right now in this instant of unmetered time.

I hum My hum. I hold My note and all of Creation appears. I do not even say continues to appear because continue contains the concept of time. I created once. I created. Oneness is what I AM and Oneness is what you are.

Over and over again, I say I AM. I say YOU ARE. Where is time located in I AM or YOU ARE? Just as all of your existence — almost all — is contained in a tiny DNA, all of you is contained in this extended moment of eternity. Or, rather, uncontained. There is no container to put you in. And eternity is not extended. Eternity is your Beingness, and that is the same as My Eternity. We exist timelessly and seamlessly. We ARE.

Music is timed, and space is mapped out, but space is also music, and music can also be located. That which you call space and time are one raft that sail.

Yet it is not time and space that you float on. You float on an energy so amazing and vast that you try to hold on to it as you pass by. You try to pinpoint it and call it time and space. Nothing stops in order for there to be time, and nothing is filled in order for there to be space. I suppose We could say that life is space without any borders and time is the same.

The concept of time and space of necessity makes borders whereas you are unlimited. No limits on you. Nothing is to be pasted on you. There is no you to be pasted onto anyway.

No one can catch Me, and no one can catch you. There is no one. There is only One. You can confuse Oneness. You have taken Oneness as if it were many. There is one pot of soup on the stove. It is self-fulfilling. It never runs out, and you never have to add to it. Yet you take this wonderful stew and ladle it into little pots, and you think the contents in each pot are different soups. You imagine. You see yourself as one of the little pots when all the time you are not little at all. You are great magnificence that thinks it has to stay in the little pot it seems to have been relegated to.

There is One Thought in Creation, and the thought is you. I thought a thought of you, and, like a song, you cannot get My song out of your mind. Yet you rewrite it. You add embellishments. You draw an outline. Because you draw an outline does not make it so. Limits exist only in your mind. Otherwise they do not exist.

And so you, this individual that you devote most of yourself to, doesn’t even exist. And there is no space for you to exist in. You exist in spacelessness and timelessness. You exist in Beingness which has nothing to do with space and time. Your Being is in another dimension, in a dimension of dimensionlessness where you are free of all the imaginary boundaries you presently hold to yourself.

You do not need to keep yourself entrenched in Earth, for you are a Being of Light made in Heaven of gossamer love so strong and so silken that the love you are can never vanish.

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