The Bread Cast Upon the Waters | Heavenletters

God said:

Your hand is on My shoulder, and so you follow Me, and so I lead, and so you and all the constituents of world creation follow. We could also say that I take you by the hand. You don’t feel My hand grasping yours, gently grasping yours, and yet We accompany one another, and, so, all of humanity, regardless of time and place, are linked together as One.

Of course, all are connected regardless of time and place. A single cry in Mozambique is heard across the English Channel. A single cry in any land is heard at the top of a mountain in Alaska or anywhere, everywhere. Whenever the cry is issued, there is an echo, an echo, an echo. A cry rises, and laughter rises, and the reverberating sounds reach the sun and the moon and the stars. All is heard. There is nothing that is not heard. The sound may not be consciously heard, yet the sound crescendos and somewhere in the subtlety of your being, the sound vibrates and is picked up and enters into the cells of your erstwhile body.

As it goes in Topeka, Kansas, so it goes in Mount Tamalpais and mountains and inlands you have not ever heard the names of, and so it goes on all the planets named and unnamed, and so, even if you are solitary in a cave, you are responsible to everyone and everything.

When this dawns on you, really dawns on you, you cannot be an aristocrat any longer than you can remain a beggar on the street. Whoever you think you are, wherever you think you are, whatever corner you stand on, whatever penthouse you live in, you beat the drums of the Universe and all the Universes, presently known or unknown. You are a tom-tom that sends and receives messages. Every thought is communicated. Every thought is swallowed down. Every happiness and every unhappiness sings its song. The oceans pick up the song. The tune is on the Hit Parade, played on every radio station in the world. Everyone, every being, no matter where or when, is his own transmitter, and so you are responsible for the state of the world and beyond.

You are responsible for yourself and everyone near and far.

Whatever continent you stand on in your perceived world, you are responsible for every other continent you perceive or do not perceive.

Regardless of your awareness, you impact everyone and everything. Regardless of your consciousness, you and everyone everywhere in every time zone, in every period of history, you are responsible. That everyone is responsible does not absolve you from your responsibility. In fact, there are no others. There is you.

You have thought yourself powerless to change anything on the face of the Earth, and, yet, you are the most powerful being on Earth, and you are the turner of the dial of the Universe. No one can stand in for you. No one can take on your responsibility. Only you.

One who is selfish is blind. One who is self-serving is blind. One who thinks he can do anything he wants whenever he wants and to whomever he wants is blind. It is for you to bless the Universe. It is for you to bless everyone and everything you come near. It is for you to bless everyone and everything far. Everyone is you. It is you who rings the bells, and it is for you that the bells chime. You are the sender, the receiver, and the returner. You are the one who reverberates all the messages in the Universe and beyond.

Upon your shoulders stands the world. You are Atlas. Upon your shoulders, the world stands strong. Your shoulders are stronger than you know. You are the Greatness of the Love I have cast. You are the retriever of it. You are the one that holds everything in your love. And now you know your true purpose in life, and, now, you fulfill it. Now. Now you change the past. Now you change the present. Now you change everything. By one sip of My love, you feed the poor of heart. You revive the world to its natural state. It is you I have been waiting for. No longer are you to wait for Me. I have been waiting for you. Now you know that you are the welcomer. You are the bread I have cast upon the waters.

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