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God said:

A tyrant could not exist when everyone is his own sovereign. How could there be a bully when everyone is strong in his own worthiness? There would neither be bully nor bullied.

Govern yourself. Do not be unruly. Attune to a greater rule.

You are not subjects in the world. You do not bow your knee to any one person, you bow to all. Bow to yourself.

The world is yours. It is not someone else’s. I do not even call it My world, although I created it. I created it and flung it to the furthermost realms of the Universe, and I cast it upon the waters, and I cast you in My image. Therefore, I cast you in beauty, strength, glory, and the sweetness of love. I tendered you a tender being, beloveds. No one is to assault tenderness. No one is to take one ounce of your strength or beauty from you. You are to give it all, not as a gesture of friendship, but in fealty to Me and therefore to your fellow man. I surrendered you to all that is good. You are good. Now surrender yourself

You are not made in a false image. You are not fake. You are made in an image of Truth. There will be no tyrants on Earth. There will be no tyrannized. There will be angels on Earth, and you are one. Concede, beloveds, concede to your true nature.

Angels are not necessarily angelic. They don’t have to be picture-perfect. Angels can be rascally people who have great fun, but never at anyone’s expense. All My angels, on Earth or in Heaven, are strong and hearty. They are never diminished. An angel in a coal mine is still an angel.

Now you will begin to spot angels on Earth. You are surrounded with angels, and you stand with them. Yes, you are one of the angels I sent to Earth. I sent you as a blessing. I blessed you to bless the Earth and all its inhabitants. You are co-rulers on Earth, sent to till it, sent to harvest souls like roses, to nourish every heart so that all may know themselves and their true character and what they are made of.

You are made of My love. You are not made of anything else. You are not a cardboard character. You are an angel of gold. This is not too good to be true. This is true.

What else can you be but an angel on Earth? You cannot be so far from Heaven as you have believed. You are not far away at all. Within My heart, you are in Heaven, and heavenly you are whether you believe Me or not. But believe Me, and wings of our love will begin to sprout before your very eyes.

Perhaps you have a false picture of Heaven. Pearly white gates is a metaphor. Heaven Itself is a metaphor. All of life is a metaphor. What shall I compare you to? I can only compare you to Myself. There is no other comparison. You are My True Love. I have one True Love, and it is you. I love you with all My heart. I love the wonder of you. You are wonderful in My heart. My heart is full of you. Where could you be but in My heart? My heart is one with yours. We are in love. I am most assuredly in love with you. Therefore, you are deep in My heart, deep in the Heart of Love that has conquered the world with Love Itself, for there is naught, beloveds, there is naught but love, and now your heart is ravaged with love which is to say that your heart is primed and plump with love abounding. Hear the love. Feel the love. I pump your heart with love now.

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