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God said:

Into each life a little light must fall. This is the beginning of your new thinking. Think this instead of the old thought that a little rain must fall.

Soon you will comprehend that a great deal of light does fall. You are bombarded and cascaded with glimmering light. Right now you see only a glimmer. You see only a glimmer because your eyes are shaded. You have been wearing sunglasses that color your view. You didn’t know you could remove them and see a different way simply by changing the lens you look out through. You are the see-er.

When you see something a new way, you say that a light has gone on. Are you beginning to see now that the light that lights up is the light within you? You emanate it. You are the emanater of the light you see. Hold your light up higher so that all may see. So that you may see.

The world is waiting for your light. Cast it.

You have been waiting for it all your life long.

You have been yearning for more light, and you waited for it to come from somewhere outside you.

No one has more light than you. They may shine more, but they don’t hold more. They may reveal more, but they have no more to reveal than you.

I did not play favorites with My children. I did not give anyone more light than I gave you. This is what you do not believe. You believe that you were shortchanged. Thus, much of your resistant attitude comes from the belief that all that should have been given to you was not. You have believed that something was denied you. You look around and you see you have been denied.

You have denied yourself. You have not let in to your awareness all that you are. You withhold from yourself. You are miserly towards yourself. And that miserliness is what deflates you.

The barriers you see before you lie within you. The light you see before you also lies within you. There is nothing that does not lie within you. That’s where it all is.

Your life is just that — how you see it. Your view of the world is just that — your view. What happens to you is not your life. What happens is a minute portion of your life. You may not deliberately choose all your circumstances, but you do make them what you will. You are not stuck. If you think you are stuck, you have glued yourself. Let go.

Be the beholder of your life and not the withholder. Abstain from abstinence of joy. Instead, multiply joy.

Where did you get the idea that unhappiness is your lot in life? When was it you started to believe that unhappiness is part and parcel of life, in fact, the mainstay? Why did you determine that Human life was some kind of penance and that you had to pay dues for it? How is it that you thought you were plunked on Earth without any say in it, and that you were given no reprieve, no possibility of parole so long as you remain on Earth, no possible commutation of sentence?

You are not imprisoned. You far surpass any bounds around you. You surpass your physical form.

All the barriers, all the demarcations are man-conceived. Man did not make you. I did. There are no barriers to Me and there are no barriers to you whom I made. You are God-made, not man-made. You were made in My image which is to say you were made in My light. Therefore, you are My limitless light. Right now you are.

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