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God said:

You are in the process of losing boundaries.

You have been a blind man holding on to walls.

Now that you begin to see, you don’t have to hold on. That is the letting go that you are doing. You are letting go of boundaries that keep you fixed in place.

Love your boundaries, but know that you don’t need them. You can see now, and you see farther now. Now you see past the boundaries. When you see beyond them, you are not looking at them. No longer are they the extent of your vision.

Or We can put it this way: Everything expands with you. The world gets bigger. Walls now hold a bigger territory. The walls aren’t bigger. They are less, but there is a bigger expanse within the dotted lines of them.

You will walk through walls, and walls will disappear.

You are not in a chamber. You are in the universe. The universe is your home. Your address is not. Like Me, you are everywhere all at once. Like Me, you are moving, and you are still. You are Me.

Everything around you becomes see-through.

“The ends of the earth” is only a figurative expression. There are no ends. But you can think of them as the sheerest tinkling crystal if you like.

What has boxed you in will become invisible so that you can see beyond. But you have been accustomed to holding on to walls, long past when you needed them. In actuality, you never needed them. You never had them. They were not real. You took them for real and forsook what was beyond them.

And now you are beyond them.

You are aswirl in a universe of such magnitude that you cannot believe it. Here you are, swimming in a universe of such majesty that you cannot believe it. But you believe in drudgery. You believe in darkness at the same time as you know better.

You are My experiencer. You are My eyes and My hands, and you report back to Me, and I sigh. You do not falsify reports. You believe what you tell Me, but now you climb higher and you see further and you bring back more knowledge of Myself to Me, and We begin to concur on what is Truth and what is fiction.

It is like you have been on a field trip, and you tell Me about it. Your thoughts tell Me about it. You tell Me what you saw and what you made of it. And now your eyes get bigger, and you see more than what you saw before. You may visit the same locale, but now it is not the same locale because you begin to acknowledge its vastness and yours.

You are far more than this little creature who eats and sleeps and gets through days and nights. There is no night for you, My children, for you are always in My light. My light is always, and it shines on you so that you may see everywhere.

You see with your vision. You see as far as you allow yourself to see. You see with your thoughts. But your thoughts are only interpretations of what all hearts know, and that is that We are One, One indivisible, one farseeing all-seeing all-knowing Being of Light. Your eyes may blink, but your heart knows.

Isn’t it time now that you use My eyes and see through them? I offer them to you. It is so easy. Instead of peering over your glasses, use your heart of Mine. You do not borrow it. It is already yours. And now you will use it and see Me everywhere where I already am, incumbent in you.

One of the things I teach you is that I must be shared. You must share Me. You cannot keep Me to yourself for your own selfish ends. I am here for you, but you are more than you think. Your purpose is much more than your present extent. You are not for yourself alone. You are for Me. You share Me because it is My nature to be shared. You share Me because that is My will. Do not withhold Me. You hold Me best by letting Me go. I am not yours to hold. I am yours to give. And that is how I am held in your life and heart.

No longer can you be content with a little horizon. You are meant for a huge horizon. You are meant to walk far beyond where you are now. Let go of your possession of Me and start giving Me away. I Who am the Giver want you to give Me. I do not talk to only one of you who reads My words. I do not talk to some of you. I talk to all of you. I am always talking to all of you. I speak to all of My Oneness.

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