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God said:

The sense of aloneness that has haunted you all your life is ego. It is not greatness. It is arrogance to think that you can be isolated in this universe of Oneness.

And yet each of you is alone with Me on his path of discovery. It is you and I Who have a relationship, and although you are truly One with Me, to have a relationship means that we meet. For us to come together, one of us has had to be somewhere. I know in truth where I am, and that is with you. It is in your mind alone that you have been somewhere apart from Me.

Our personal relationship develops as you seek Me. We come closer and closer. Rather, you come closer and closer to your discovery of My closeness that ever was.

The time will come when you see the picture of you melding into My love. Although it is illusion that you have been anywhere but in My heart, that illusion has to be replaced with the truth. The truth is not a picture. It is accuracy.

This is exciting news for you. The closer you come, the more enticing it is. How eager you are to reunite with Me, even if it is only in your mind that you have to do it. Only your mind has to rewind or unwind to return to truth.

You sat in a movie theater and thought the drama before you was real. You thought you had been in the movie. You identified with the hero in the movie who had far distances to travel.

And then the movie finishes, or you get hungry, or bored, and you wake up, so to speak, and your attention returns to Reality, and you find yourself sitting in the theater. Beside you, I am. Right beside you, I am. But your attention had been on the fluttering of projected light on the movie screen. And so now, when you take your eyes off the screen, easily your attention returns to Me.

Even without absence, your adventure is a return to Me. It is a metaphor, your adventure. Even your return is part of the movie. Without the movie your eyes were on, your eyes would have been on Me.

But now bring them back. Restore your heart.

Your happiness lies with Me and not with the movie. The movie is movement, and I am stillness. Call Me the lull between scenes, or the lull between words. Even in the movie, I AM. Even as I sit beside you, I am where your eyes look on the screen, for I am also on the screen.

You have constant love pursuing you. This you must notice. This you must see even in the dark, for theaters are dark. But your eyes will adjust to the dimness in a theater, and then you will see Who has been with you all along.

Get up from the movie and stretch your legs a little.

The theater is your life projected. Events happen. Rains come. Sun shines. Some people get up and leave. Other new ones enter. While you are in the theater, despite the coming and going, you can have awareness of Me. You do not have to sit in the theater in the dark.

Look, for a moment, Who is beside you, watching with you, watching over you. It is I Who supplied you with the popcorn. I gave you the ticket to get in. And I have stayed with you through it all. You have been nowhere without Me. You have never gone anywhere except in your imagination because always We have been sitting together, companionable in Our Oneness.

Our reunion is in knowing that there was no departure from which to return . But for the sake of argument, We can say that We, Who are One, reunite.

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