Everything Has Been Planted | Heavenletters

God said:

When you have the sense that something wonderful is about to happen, know that you are listening to Me. If it’s a thought or wish you have, you are listening to Me. As the world revolves, something wonderful is happening. Something wonderful happens to your heart when the idea of goodness befalling on you occurs to you. That idea itself is goodness befalling. I would give you that idea.

A movie is going to play in your town, and you have heard about it. You glanced at a poster, perhaps without really paying attention to it, but in your awareness is the thought that there is a movie you will want to see.

You are going to your favorite store or to a yard sale, and your step quickens at the idea of something you want being there. You may not know what it is you specifically want, yet when you see it, you know this is what you were looking for.

And, so, with your life, quicken your step. There is something you are going to that you want to go to. There is something coming your way that you want to come your way. There is a good fortune awaiting you, and you anticipate it. It’s not that you must have it, or it must be given to you. It is that it already has your name on it. You simply don’t know yet what corner it is around.

Or it is like a scavenger hunt. Every treasure has been put out for you to come across. The treasures are there. They were put there before you came on the scene. In a trice, you find one or more. Beloveds, they were there long before you spotted them.

Or consider you inherit a farm. Everything has been planted. You do not know what has been planted. You have to guess. What was planted hasn’t come up yet, and won’t you be surprised! Soon you will begin to see sprouts. You will turn around, and you will see that it is true, that from acorns, giant trees grow.

Or consider this a science fiction story where instead of actually furrowing and planting, a farmer can think the thought of a particular vegetable or grain or fruit, and it is planted. He pictures that he dropped the seed in the earth, and he pictures its growth and blossoming, and he pictures himself reaping the crop. Reaping the crop in this science fiction is physical. All that came before was mental and emotional. Imagine the excitement at the thought of all you want to grow, knowing it is done, and then simply walking through and picking the fruit!

Or, consider that you sit in a fine restaurant, and you go over the menu. There are appetizers, salads, side dishes, main dishes, desserts. This menu is extensive. There is no food ever made that isn’t on this menu and also some you never heard of! You could spend a lifetime going through this menu. Pick a few dishes to start with. You can always order more. Order, and then wait, knowing that your food will be served.

Or, perhaps this is a cafeteria you go to, or a buffet, where you serve yourself. You are entitled to serve yourself. You have a tray, and you select the dishes you want. You could have all of them if you wanted. Your eyes feast on all of the beautiful foods. You don’t even have to eat them to get the joy. As you pass by the foods you leave for someone else, it is as if you have already had them. You are being wise to leave some room in your stomach for the food that will be displayed next.

Beloveds, this is how life is. Anticipate it.

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