Like Two Children | Heavenletters

God said:

When your body and mind feel tired, why not listen to what they say? Where did you get the idea that you must operate at full steam all the time? When your body tells you it wants to rest, is your body out of line to tell you its truth? Is there not a tendency to whip your body into greater speed and endurance, or go get it fixed somewhere? Why must your body be optimum at every moment? Is not the physical also meant to rest a while? Must you argue with it?

There is enough stimulation in the world. There is enough advertising to keep you busy well into the night or early hours of the morning. Now I am telling you to treat yourself well and take time to rest your harried body. Stop driving it to new feats.

If life is not a race, why are you racing? What is it exactly that you are trying to keep up with? Or get ahead of? Perhaps it is quite all right to be at a resting place. Even deserts offer oases. Even oceans offer land. Money is good to spend, and it is also good to save. Is not your body worthy of equal consideration. Neither a spendthrift nor miser be.

A yawn signifies something. Must it always be thwarted?

Honor your body’s need for rest, and your mind’s need for quiet.

Your mind is bombarded all the time. Your train of thought is constantly interrupted. Thoughts are packed in and scrambled everywhere. Focus a little on peace for your mind. Your mind in peace will quieten others. Still your mind so it has room to be.

Inasmuch as it is never possible for you to be without Me, you are never alone. So why must you always be amongst others, as if it is a fault to be with perusal of your own thoughts. I will go further and say, What is wrong about having nothing to do and doing that? What happened to time for reverie?

Doing is good. Not doing is also good. Being on stage is good. Being offstage is also good.

There are waves to life. And waves go up, and waves go down. Waves go down so they may go up again. Each wave propels. A wave is full of energy, and it draws from itself to go further. Waves do not clutch. They rise, and they ebb. Both are part of the whole. Ebb and flow both are the energy that lifts you up.

Consider Move and Pause as two children of yours. They come from the same parents, yet each has its own qualities and is different one from the other. Each is as he is meant to be, and each holds great value. From each, you learn, and there is plenty to learn. Do not favor one over the other. Do not show off one, and deny the other. Recognize both. Let each have its ascendance.

Just as the sun rises and the sun sets, so do you.

Fall in with nature. Leaves bud, and leaves fall. All is renewal. You have My blessing to hop, and you have My blessing to stop. You have My blessing to stand, and My blessing to sit. You have My blessing to talk and to be quiet. You have My blessing wherever you are today. Whatever you are involved in today, or not involved in today, you have My blessing. Bless yourself today as well.

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