Decisions, Decisions! | Heavenletters

God said:

Many things will decide themselves, beloveds. With or without you, decisions will be made. And another set of decisions will present themselves! You might as well make friends with decision making. As it is often wise to take the bull by the horns, it is as often wise to let go.

In truth, you already know that you cannot commandeer life.

Decisions you have to make may seem earthshaking at the time, but they are really nothing at all. They are toss-ups.

You do not have to be insistent on making decisions any more than you need to be lackadaisical about them. Yet you can always wait on a decision. Maybe whatever the mighty question, perhaps it doesn’t have to be decided right now. Maybe it really will take care of itself.

Really, how much does your decision weigh? Life will swing and sway one way or another with or without your weighty decision. Sometimes in life, it would seem that you are in a motor boat with the engine going, and you think your little oars are moving the boat along. Like sunrise and sunset, the world moves along without your insistence on it.

Whether a decision is urgent or not, you do not have to be urgent about it. Be like the sun and moon, and let the world rotate around you.

As when you fish, cast a line, and then wait to see what happens.

If you can make a decision today, you can also make it tomorrow.

What is definitely yours to decide today is your intention. Intend that all decisions be easy to make and that they be made in integrity according to My will. That is deciding the direction you want to go in. If you are in a boat in the middle of the ocean, steer east or west according to your sights. The intention is to reach shore.

And so your desire is that you are equal to making decisions with full recognition that life does not depend on your decisions nor the outcome of them. Decisions are a little orientation to the prow of your boat. You can’t do more than that. You cannot push the boat yourself. You can only point it in a direction. Face front, beloveds. Once made, do not look back and dissect your decisions. Find out where the waves are taking you. You can reset your direction after a while according to the winds that blow.

You can never know where a decision will lead. And even after the fact, you cannot be sure where it has taken you. You do not know all the possibilities that exist in this moment.

You can decide today to live your life as a beautiful adventure, come what may. Whatever shore your boat takes you to, you can find beauty and joy in it. What you see as a mistake can bring great reward. In one grand sense, beloveds, there are no mistakes. The ocean fills in the furrows your boat made in the water soon enough. Where do mistakes exist now?

Have intention in life rather than regret. Do not mark your decisions or yourself as right or wrong. Didn’t your decisions somehow bring you to where you are now, sitting here with Me?

Today, give yourself a break from making decisions. Decide not to make any. Or make the biggest one be what restaurant you will go to and what you will have to eat.

One decision is as good as another. You are more important than any decision. You certainly are more important to Me than any decision you make. Join Me in My regard for you. I have decided joy for you, beloveds.

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