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God said:

It is good advice to act now, and it is good advice to wait for later.

Here’s the formula: Act now when you come from a place of love, and wait until later when you come from puzzlement, outrage, distress or any of the other places you sometimes come from.

When you wait until later, you still may not come from love, but you will come from a vaster vision, and vaster vision will neutralize fearful disturbing repetitious responses. To come from neutral is very good indeed, because then you come from wisdom.

When you are neutral, you look at the situation more dispassionately. You look at “It”, the situation, rather than the details of who said what to whom and how could they.

You become like King Solomon who reduces a dispute to its essentials.

When you see a stranger, and you have an impulse to say hello, say hello.

When you see a stranger and you say hello, and you feel an impulse to return to the stranger and ask them what you can do for them, return to the stranger and manifest your impulse.

What prevents you? What do you think will incur? Perhaps that stranger was placed before you exactly so you would return to them. Perhaps they were supposed to shed some light for you.

You have been afraid of such loving involvement, and so you have avoided it. You have listened to a thought that said it would be silly to go back and speak again to the stranger.

You have not had the concept of yourself as one who gives and receive blessings.

You have been fraught with suspicion of yourself. Now, when such an impulse arises, value and honor it.

In the future, do not think. Do not hesitate. Act upon such an impulse.

The impulse came from higher than your thinking mind. Your mind has looked for ways to get you out of being a gift. You mind tells you to give yourself as a gift where you are known and where you know you are welcome. Your mind has told you to save yourself for later or another.

Your mind has told you that you give gifts where you are supposed to, not even necessarily where you want to. As if gifts from the heart are to be checked off as obligations to be performed.

Give where your heart says to give.

Listen to the suggestions impulses make, and be ready to carry them out. Such impulses are gentle almost inaudible signals. Because they are quiet, it does not mean they are not urgent. When you do not act upon impulses of love, you are closing doors. Each door you close is closed and will not open again. Now I have strengthened your heart. Now you will forthrightly walk through new doors and keep them open.

On loving impulses, you must not wait.

But do not feel bad about impulses before today that you have forlornly let drift away from you. Now look for more such impulses to come. You have been alerted to them, and now you will respond readily.

Consider such impulses as prods from angels’ wings.

Consider them as a touch from My hand. Consider them as a tap on the shoulder. Consider them as nudgings from Heaven.

When you act on a favorable impulse, you are acting as My messenger, and so you are following My Will.

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